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Félicia Atkinson

Online-residence 16 January – 31 March 2021

Félicia Atkinson is a French musician and artist born in Paris in 1981 not based in specific place at the moment.

She was an artist in residence at La Becque in 2020 and will be in online-residency at Iaspis between January and March 2021, collaborating with choreaographer Rebecca Chantinell.

Photo: Félicia Atkinson

She recently showed her work at the RIBOCA Riga Biennale (2020), Centre Chorégraphique de Montpellier (2020), Christine Koening Gallery (Vienna 2018), La Criée Centre d’art contemporain (Rennes, 2018), Amala Gallery in Tokyo (2019); Last Resort Gallery in Copehnagen (2017).

She performed at Emily Harvey Foundation and Issue Project Room in New York (2018), Atonal Festival in Berlin (2019), Unsound in Krakow (2019), GRM / presences Electroniques in Paris (2017), Festival Ars Electronica in Nantes (2020).

Her latests albums are Everything Evaporate (2020), The Flower and the Vessel (2019), Hand in Hand (2017), Limpid as a The Solitudes (2018) and Comme Un Seul Narcisse (w/ Jefre Cantu Ledesma, 2016) and A Readymade Ceremony (2015), all on Shelter Press.