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Eylül Şenses

Eylül Şenses, IASPIS expertbesök 1 – 15 maj 2022

Eylül Şenses is an Istanbul based curator currently working as a public programme coordinator at the culture, art and research institution SALT. After taking part in various projects with the design collective called Plankton Project, she worked as a program coordinator in TAK Kartal, a creative hub empowering collective decision-making processes on an urban scale. She worked as operations and public programme associate at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial realized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). She also worked as a public programme associate at the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial and was part of The Young Curators Group established within the biennial. She is one of the founding members of the Urban Studies Cooperative (Urban.koop), a collective network of urbanists, artists, and creatives who are willing to co-develop urban policies, programs, and projects for the local communities.

portrait of Eylül Şenses

Eylül Şenses

Eylül Şenses graduated from the Architecture Department of Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey, and she participated in a one-year exchange program at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain. She received a master’s degree from the architecture and urban studies program, Kadir Has University (KHAS).