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Dick Hedlund

Artist in residence, Stockholm, 1 May – 27 July, 2023

Dick Hedlund is an artist based in Stockholm and Staffansbo. His practice is based on a curious collecting and processing of different materials. Deconstructed landscapes and abstract forms emerge through sculptures and image weavings. Stitches, collages, and hanging textile bodies create transitional forms that slide over, through, or next to each other, and initiate relationships. He moves in an oscillating conceptual world between formalism and an interest in mystique mythologies, where he seeks opportunities to test the limits of the materials of his practice.

Photo: Dick Hedlund

Dick Hedlund

During his time at IASPIS, he will start from previously neglected or rejected material sketches from his archive. An investigation of the detours and ideas that have been accumulated over the years. Ugly, foolish step-siblings that haven’t found the peace or courage, and have been abandoned in favor of what must be finished. Here, new forms and ideas are given a second chance through practical studies, without predetermined results or expected delivery.

Dick Hedlund holds a Master of Fine Art from Malmö Art Academy (2016). In recent years, his work has been shown, among other places, at Moleky Gallery, Malmö, Konstkompaniet, Stockholm, Elastic Rural, Jädraås, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm, Upper Hand Gallery, Gothenburg, Biologiska Museet, Stockholm, and Zona MACO Art Fair, Mexico City. Dick Hedlund is represented by Elastic Gallery.

Since 2023, he also runs Studio Kapellet together with artist Hanna Wildow, which is a studio and sculpture park in Staffansbo.