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Camila Sposati

Artist in residence, Stockholm, 1 March – 31 May 2024

Camila Sposati is a visual artist and researcher born in São Paulo. Her work investigates processes of transformation and energy, using methods that often closely resemble scientific research methodologies. She compares material and historical processes to challenge the material in its official time and significance. Camila’s sculpture “Phonosophia” serves as an instrument that explores the roles of object and subject and how these can be reversed, raising questions about the identity and nature of what an “object” really is.

Photo: Robert Windisch

Camila Sposati

At IASPIS, Camila will further her research on the concept of interiority and sonic propagation. She aims to connect two bodies of existing works: one dedicated to anatomical theatres as sites where the act of dissecting a body as a “discovery” was performed, and her series of Phonosophia, whose shape recalls human organs. Additionally, she plans to delve into the thoughts of Michel Foucault and his exploration of madness, with a specific focus on his time at Uppsala University and his influence drawn from the anatomical theatre.

Camila Sposati holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College London and currently lives in Vienna as a fellow of the Academy of Fine Arts PhD programme. Her work has been widely exhibited, including at IFA Stuttgart (2023); IFA Berlin (2023); MAK Vienna (2023); Tabakalera San Sebastian, and Kunsthalle Wien (2020). She published the book “Stone Theatre” by Revolver (Berlin, 2016).