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ArtNexus in Albania

ArtNexus in Albania

In 2021, ArtNexus was launched in Albania. The program works with Albanian artists and culture practitioners, state actors and civil society to strengthen artistic freedom and the rights of the artists. Our work is implemented by our local partners, and to implement the activities we use a range of tools, for example:

  • Capacity-building workshops in areas such as intellectual property law and self-organization
  • Building a network of international and national cultural experts
  • Providing tools for programme/project development

ArtNexus contributes to improving the rights and conditions of Albanian artists and cultural practitioners. We aim for our targeted groups to practice freely and make a living from their art. We work with local partners to enable education in the field of art and support, aiming for the development of government regulations to better observe the needs of art and culture practitioners.

  • ArtNexus, in collaboration with Creative Mentorship, is excited to present an opportunity for creative and cultural professionals working in Albania and Western Balkans. Brace yourself for a transformative journey through our regional network, featuring power-packed online workshops!

    Why join our Educational Programme?

    Are you an artist yearning to connect, grow, and break boundaries across borders and generations? We bring together a community of artists, cultural centers, and individuals passionate about the arts. The workshops will offer a blend of practical skills training, interactive dialogue, and international network opportunities.

    What’s in store for You?

    Informative workshops designed to address the needs and challenges of artists and cultural practitioners in the region.
    Connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators, fostering a sense of unity in the artistic community.
    Engage with seasoned speakers who bring a wealth of experience to each workshop, sharing valuable insights and tips.
    Break the geographical and cultural barriers – no matter where you are in your artistic journey, this program is crafted for you!
    We are excited to present our first workshop this spring!

    Upcoming Workshops: Save the dates for spring 2024!

    • Presentation Skills – 20th March 15.00 CET
      Join Relja Dereta, an expert with over 15 years of experience, as he guides you through the art of effective presentations. Master speech definition, and storytelling techniques, and conquer stage fright.

    Register via the link below:

    Workshop on Presentation Skills – registraion

  • Destil Creative Hub is a project that combines architecture, cultural initiatives and a sustainable economy. The project function as a multifunctional center with a focus on social, cultural and artistic events, aiming to create conditions for collaborations between artists, companies, technology and social innovation.

    The United Nations Association Albania is a civil society organization mobilizing the values of United Nations and creating conditions for multilateralism and structured dialogue at regional, national and international levels.

  • Artists Resource Centre Albania, or ARCA, is ArtNexus’ digital platform for art- and culture practitioners in Albania. ARCA offers support, toolkits, articles and lists of grants and residency opportunities for artists at any point in their professional career, both local and international. ARCA works as a platform for navigation and professional development, offering hands-on advice in written, spoken and video format. You also have the opportunity to book a one-on-one session with an experienced mentor withing the creative field, for advice on grants application wiring, financial management or artistic entrepreneurship. The platform has been developed together with our Albanian partner organisations: Destil Creative Hub and United Nations Association Albania.