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Urgent Pedagogies: online platform launch

Urgent Pedagogies onlineplattform. Design: Johnny Chang.

A detailed programme is published here: urgentpedagogies.iaspis.se

IASPIS is announcing the Urgent Pedagogies online platform and invites you to the launch.

Together with a number of invited architects, artists, curators, activists and thinkers we introduce the platform and reflect on views on pedagogy, urgencies, settings, methodologies and alliances.

Participants include Katya Sander, Silvia Franceschini, Nora Akawi & Eduardo Rega, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Alessandro Petti, Mauricio Corbalan, Pio Torroja, Socrates Stratis, Peter Lang, Joana Zatz Mussi, Cibele Lucena, Sandi Hilal, Chris Bratton, Dalida María Benfield, Ou Ning, Elof Hellström, Onkar Kular, Henric Benesch, Anna Colin, Socrates Stratis, Peter Lang, Ana Maria Leon, Andrew Herscher, Merve Gül Özokcu, Michael Leung, Munir Fasheh, Miguel Robles Duran and David Harvey, introduction and moderation by Pelin Tan and Magnus Ericson.

Urgent Pedagogies is a project that focuses on the role of alternative pedagogy and spaces for knowledge production in regards to how socially engaged critical spatial practice may act in relation and response to the urgencies of social justice and equality, contested territories and conditions of conflict. It aims to serve as a common resource and a space for bringing together practitioners, researchers, and thinkers from diverse backgrounds, experiences, contexts, and situations to be in dialogue and think together.

The project has developed through a series of public events and meetings, online talks, commissioned texts and an evolving online archive with examples of practice and theory. Practitioners and thinkers have been invited to contribute with different perspectives and reflections, mainly with a contemporary focus, but also connecting to history, and hence sharing experience from different practices, from the institutional to self-organised, collective and activist initiatives. We are now introducing and discussing these perspectives through the online platform and a series of public events.

Urgent Pedagogies is initiated and organised by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Arts. The project is developed and pursued by Magnus Ericson, curator and Project Manager responsible for the design, crafts and architecture programme at IASPIS and Pelin Tan, sociologist, curator and Professor, Fine Arts Faculty, Batman University, Turkey.