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Urgent Pedagogies launches Issue#3: Modalities

IASPIS is announcing the Urgent Pedagogies Issue#3: Modalities. Together with invited guests we will share experiences from various practices within the context of territorialities; spatial, institutional and political constraints; and colonial histories. The issue presents and discusses examples of self-organized initiations, methodologies, and institutional models of action. Starting from the curatorial practice as a possible space for “epistemic disobedience” and speculating on fictional futures, it continues through self initiated pedagogic actions engaging local communities and inserting pedagogical devices in institutional contexts, to strategies of merging formal education with activism and looking at the possibilities of combining bottom up and a top down approaches.

Participants include Silvia Franceschini, Michael Leung, Marc Neelen, Ana Džokić, Cibele Lucena, Joana Zatz Mussi, Miguel Robles Duran and Socrates Stratis, introduction and moderation by Pelin Tan and Magnus Ericson.

Urgent Pedagogies is initiated and organised by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Arts. The project is developed and pursued by Magnus Ericson, curator and Project Manager responsible for the design, crafts and architecture programme at IASPIS and Pelin Tan, sociologist, curator and Professor, Fine Arts Faculty, Batman University, Turkey.

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