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The Significant Role of Art in Social Change


Foto: Paula Alvarez

Artifariti 2011, Tifariti, Western Sahara.

The Significant Role of Art in Social Change

Date: Friday 12 May 2023
Time: 5.30 – 6:30 pm
Place: Supermarket, Kroppens Hus Stage
Address: Stadsgårdsterminalen, Stockholm
Language: English

In collaboration with SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Artists and art experts have always used creativity to express themselves and approach several subjects through art about society. They usually address important social issues, raise awareness, provoke thought, and stimulate conversation.

How can artist-run spaces create projects that use art to address social issues while also ensuring that the artwork has art value? What are some of the challenges that artists can face when creating work that addresses social issues? How as artists and art spaces can we use collaboration with the community to create a project that is more effective in addressing social topics?

Vicenta Gómez, Lugares Comunes (COL); Walid Aïdoud and Sofiane Zouggar, Box24 (DZA); Hrachya Vardanyan, Galique Art Space (ARM).

Moderated by Abir Boukhari, Curator (SYR/SWE).