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Lecture by Zhenya Chaika

Lecture by current Iaspis expert visit Zhenya Chaika, Curator of the artist-in-residence programme of the Ural Industrial Biennale and Artistic Director of the Ural branch of NCCA-ROSIZO.
Zhenya Chaika is a philosophy graduate. She speaks five foreign languages and was additionally educated in the field of cultural journalism. She has eleven years of work experience in the field of culture, including the implementation of the programme of Art Residences 2nd (2012, nominated for the Innovation Award as a regional project) and the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennale (2015). She curated the Final Exhibition of the Art Residency Program 3rd (2015) and the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale. She has curated and written for the independent photo project “Tales” (2016-2018). Previously she coordinated exhibitions and residential projects in the field of contemporary art and organised film festivals.


In collaboration with Galleri Syster, Luleå.