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Artistic freedom in Belarus today

Saturday 18 September 2021, 14:00–14:45
Please note at Liljevalchs+, Djurgårdsvägen 60, 115 21 Stockholm

Market Art Fair is proud to welcome Belarusian curators Tania Arcimovich and Aleksei Borisionok to Stockholm for a talk on the current situation in Belarus for artists and cultural activists. What artistic freedom exists in Belarus today and what role does art have in the protest against Lukashenko’s regime? The talk will be moderated by Stefan Ingvarsson, former Cultural Counsellor at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow and Eastern European analyst linked to the Swedish Institute for International Affairs.

In collaboration with Market Art Fair and Project STATUS / Konstepidemin Göteborg.

Project STATUS has since 2018 been working with artistic exchange between artists and organisations in Belarus and Sweden. Thematically, the project focuses on topics such as freedom of expression, LQBT, cultural heritage, equality and diversity. Project STATUS is supported by IASPIS and the Swedish Institute.

Language: English

More information: https://marketartfair.com/programme/