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KHM x MMM: Sonya Blesofsky – Current IASPIS studio grant holder in Stockholm

Sonya Blesofsky’s artwork deals with urban change – how the unfixed nature of the city presents itself as an endless pattern of decline and growth. Architectural decay and structural failure combined with hyper-accelerated development create the continuous and cyclical layering of history that serves as her source material. Sonya Blesofsky is interested in issues that come with urban development, such as the fragility of communities and lost histories, but she also intends these concerns to serve as metaphors for more personal subjects: memory, transition, trauma and loss. The lecture is presented in collaboration with Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists. Limited numbers, first come first served. Free admission!

More information

For further information, please contact Iaspis Project Manager Visual Art: Lena Malm at lm@iaspis.se