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IASPIS Open Studios Autumn 2021

Grafisk design: Johnny Chang.

Open Studios Autumn 2021, 16 September, online
Here and (a little bit) everywhere
A playlist of listening pieces and visual excursions


Acknowledging that we each stand on varying grounds, listening may afford us another sense of togetherness. Like overgrowth, nature reclaiming space, we move from and towards different centers. Close your eyes and listen. Open your eyes and see. In your time and space, anytime, anyplace.

Mark Frygell (SWE)
Krolikowski Art – Alexander Krolikowski and Alexandra Krolikowska (UKR)
Lap-See Lam (SWE)
Merve Gül Özokcu (TUR)
Lisa Trogen Devgun (SWE)
Chiara Bugatti (ITA/SWE)
Raha Rastifard (IRN/DEU/SWE)
Sebastian Moske (DEU), Malmö
Geoff Robinson (AUS), Umeå
Yingmei Duan (CHN/DEU), Umeå
Bianca Traum (SWE), International Dance Programme

The playlist is released on the 16 September 00:01 and will continue to be available so you can catch up and listen anytime, anywhere.

The following grant holders are unfortunately unable to join us due to international travel restrictions. We hope to welcome them in residency at a later date.

*Asli Kiyak Ingin (TUR)
*Mark Mushiva (AGO/NAM/DEU), Gothenburg