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Emelie Röndahl in conversation with Onkar Kular and Lina Dornhof

Google Weaving Stop-time. Photo: Emelie Röndahl

Artist Emelie Röndahl’s hand weaving project Google Weaving Stop-time is created for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, 2018. In conversation with Onkar Kular and Lina Dornhof, she will discuss her work for the biennale and collaborative craft practices. Emelie will further reflect on the experience of creating this participatory project which has connected over twenty hand weavers on Facebook, collectively gathered around a shared assignment and through an encapsulated moment from a Google picture search hit.

Emelie Röndahl is a weaving artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She works specifically with the weaving technique rya, characterized by a bundle of threads tied around two warp threads making a pile, the knot is also known as the ghiordes knot and the Turkish knot. Exhibitions includes the Barometer Gallery, Sydney as a part of Sydney Craft Week, the KA Almgren Silk Museum in Stockholm (2017) and The Art of Labor at San José Museum of Quilts and Textiles, US (2018). She is currently a PhD candidate in Crafts at HDK, Gothenburg University, making a practice-led project with the working title Crying Pixels: a practitioner’s narrative through woven rya – aspects of time in hand made practice.

Onkar Kular is Professor for Design Interventions at HDK, Gothenburg University. His research is disseminated internationally through, exhibitions, education and publications. His work is in the collection of the CNAP, France and the Crafts Council, UK. He has guest-curated exhibitions for the Citizens Archive of Pakistan, Karachi and the Crafts Council, UK. From 2014-16 he was a Stanley Picker Fellow at Kingston University and he is the co-organiser of the educational framework Night School on Anarres. In 2017, Onkar Kular was the artistic director for the Gothenburg Design Festival.

Lina Dornhof is a Berlin based doctor working in psychiatry, as well as being an amateur weaver. She uses weaving as a creative balance next to her work in the hospital. Though she has a long experience in textiles and sewing, she has only been weaving over the recent two years, experimenting with different hand weaving techniques. In participating in Emelie Röndahl’s project Google Weaving Stop-time she took the chance to collaborate with other hand weavers around the world.

Emelie Röndahl in conversation with Onkar Kular and Lina Dornhof  is organised by Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Program and the Istanbul Design Biennial, with support from the Swedish Institute and the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul.