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A Night at IASPIS

Welcome to a spontaneous event and opportunity to meet the artists in residence at IASPIS for one afternoon – evening. On the 15 February we invite you to take part of their ongoing work. Informal talks, conversations refreshments, snacks and mingle from 4pm.

Artists in Residence include Jan Lütjohann, Mirjam Hemström Farsi, Sue Lawty, Post Workers Theatre, Fassih Keiso, Lena Bergendahl, Lerin/Hystad, Hillside Projects and Erik Eriksson.

Artist standing


IASPIS Artist in Residence winter 2024

Helsinki based sculptor and educator Jan Lütjohann works with wood, tools, and people. At IASPIS he is sculpting reclaimed wood and hosting workshops in which participants carve together

In an interpretation of open weave curtains, Stockholm based artist Mirjam Hemström Farsi explores scales, waves and the surrounding air in her loom.

Distinguished as much by absence as presence, UK based artist Sue Lawty’s quiet, minimal, abstract works are strongly informed by the material of their construction and characterised by meticulous attention to detail; her interest is in experience not about words but that which is unconditionally felt, just as music is.

UK design troupe Post Workers Theatre (Demitrios Kargotis, Dash Macdonald and Nicholas Mortimer) will share their ongoing project Birdie Danse Macabre considering the “frankenchicken” as a symbol of the human and environmental cost of cheap chicken in the capitalocene today.

Based between Melbourne and Damascus, multidisciplinary artist and academic Fassih Keiso presents Palmyra: Tug of War, a multiscreen video installation completed using footage captured by the artist after two visits to the archaeological site of Palmyra, when the Syrian army had reclaimed the site from ISIS in 2016.

Malmö based artist Lena Bergendahl primarily works with film and installations and is currently developing her film project The Human Orchid.

Artist duo Lerin/Hystad (Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad) works at the intersection of visual art and experimental music. Through their work Electronic Flora they engage with plants firmly rooted in their environment.

The Stockholm based artistic entity Hillside Projects (Emily Berry Mennerdahl and Jonas Böttern), is in their office at IASPIS, producing a collection of conceptual works exploring narratives of birds and death, as well as performative methods of storytelling through video and sound.

Erik Eriksson who is a Falun and Rīga based choreographer and dancer, is during his time at IASPIS, continuing his work on making space move by moving in space, and time change by changing timing.

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