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Mona Namér

Studio Grant holder in Stockholm 1 September – 30 November 2022

Mona Namér is a Moroccan-Swedish Dancer, Choreographer and Creative Director from Gothenburg and based in Stockholm. Since the age of eight, Mona has built a strong foundation in Hip Hop and House dance, while gleaning inspiration, education and a physical vocabulary from around the world. She spent a year and a half honing her practice at Broadway Dance Center in New York, followed by years of traveling between Paris, Johannesburg, London and New York.

Porträtt av Mona Namér

Mona Namér. Photo:  Sanna Holm.

Mona merges her experience and breadth of knowledge and uses them to create a repertoire of new expressive narratives in movement and visual art. She is active in different fields such as dance and film productions, theatre, directing, teaching, commercial work, photography and various projects. Her work explores identity, human behaviour, surrealism, rituals and a sense of floating inside and outside of your own body. Mona’s innate curiousity and desire to experiment with different forms of creative expression have led to collaboration and work with lauded artists, companies and celebrated festivals such as Little Dragon, IKEA, VOLVO, Afropunk Festival and Gothenburg Opera.

Currently, Mona is working on an upcoming performance called Birth Liquid that explores the stages of birth, chaos and stillness. The idea is inspired by the biological metamorphosis process and the caterpillar’s transformation in the cocoon to becoming a butterfly. The performance-project is an extension of the dance film A Bath In My Mother’s Womb that Mona directed last year – that premiered at Gothenburg Film Festival 2022, won Best Experimental Short at New Generation Indie Film Awards in Los Angeles and will shortly be broadcasted on SVT.