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Pedro Oliveira

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 3 June – 26 September 2019

Pedro Oliveira, born 1985, São Paulo; lives and works in Berlin, Germany
I am a researcher, sound artist and educator working in, with and around decolonial and sonic thinking. My research interest focuses on inquiring into the colonial politics of sonic violence, and in particular the articulations of police violence and the policing of bodies through sound and listening practices. In my artistic practice I work with sonic fabulation as a decolonising method for shifting listening towards new forms of auditory insolence, done so through performance, composition and mixed-media installation work. I am also one half of the design education duo A Parede and a founding member of the Decolonising Design platform.

Photo: Pedro Oliveira

My current project, “The Emotional Residue of an Unnatural Boundary”, intervenes on material, discursive and aesthetic aspects of accent recognition technologies, focusing on their deployment in the border and migration industries of Germany and the European Union.

I hold a PhD from the Universität der Künste Berlin, fully funded by the Brazilian Council for Research and Development (CNPq) in partnership with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). My current research has been supported by the CTM Festival/Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Transmediale, Goethe-Institut Brussels, and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin.

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