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Working grant

Working grants are intended to provide professional artists with the opportunity to concentrate on and develop their artistic work. For example, the grants may be used to cover expenses related to work and subsistence during a period of focused activities, investments, further education or renting work spaces.
Types of Grants
The Visual Arts Fund allocates one-year working grants, two-year working grants, and five-year working grants, all of which may be applied for on the same application form. The Visual Arts Fund decides which type of grant will be allocated. The labels “one-year”, “two-year” and “five-year” refers to the fact that the grants will be paid out on one or several occasions, that is, in one, two or five years.

One-year working grants can be awarded to applicants who have not previously received working grants. The amount of the grant is 100,000 SEK.

Two-year working grants are intended for artists who have previously received a working grant or an allowance of a similar amount. The amount of the grant is 120,000 SEK per annum and will be paid out during a period of two years.

Five-year working grants may be awarded to applicants with a documented artistic practice of a high quality for a sustained period of time. The amount of the grant is three basbelopp (price base amount) (currently 142,800 SEK).

Who can apply?
Professional visual artists and designers can apply for working grants. Professional means artists who make their living from or pursue artistic activities on full or part time basis. Amateur artists are not eligible for the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s grants and allowances. Only applicants whose main artistic practice is in Sweden or who are permanent residents of Sweden may apply for a grant.

An applicant who was awarded a one-year working grant in 2021 may not apply for a working grant this year. An applicant who had a two-year working grant in 2020 and 2021 may not apply for a working grant this year. These limitations have been introduced in order to increase the number of artists who may benefit from the Fund’s grants.

Applications are preferably submitted in digital format on the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website by logging in with your e-legitimation (Swedish electronic identification). Applications may also be submitted by post. Applications submitted by post will be scanned and evaluated digitally.

To think about if you apply on the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website
Start in good time and make sure your e-legitimation is up to date. At the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website, http://www.konstnarsnamnden.se/E-ansokan, you will find links where you can test your e-legitimation.  If you receive an error message, please contact your bank/issuer of your e-legitimation.

When you submit your application, it may take some time for it to upload, particularly if you attach large-size work samples. Leave your computer on and wait for an e-mail confirmation with your registration number. If you do not receive an e-mail, it may have been caught by your spam filter. If you are logged on to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website, you can check under the tab Mina ärenden for a list of your submitted applications.

To think about if you apply on paper
If you are unable to submit your application using an e-legitimation, you can apply on paper. The application form can be downloaded as a PDF-file at http://www.konstnarsnamnden.se/blanketter. You can email your application to ansokan@konstnarsnamnden.se.

Work samples
With your application you should include 5-10 work samples which are less than 2 years old. If you apply digitally, you upload your image, sound, text or film files at the end of the application process.

The following applies for digital work samples:

Total number of images: 10
Max size per image: 2 MB
Total size of images: 20 MB
File format: .jpg

Total number of films: 1
Max size per file: 50 MB
Total size of files: 50 MB
File formats: .mp4 and .mov 

Total number of sound files: 10
Total size of files: 50 MB
File format: .mp3

If you apply on paper, append 5-10 images on one or several A4 sheets in standing format. For each work, state: title, technique, year of production, dimensions, and write your name and national identification number on each sheet. All applications will be evaluated digitally. Paper applications including work samples will be scanned by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Please note that work samples will not be returned.

During the evaluation process, the Board will look at the applicant’s artistic qualities, the scope of the applicant’s artistic practice, and the applicant’s financial situation. For the allocation of grants, the Board strives to achieve equal distribution and diversity with regard gender, age, cultural diversity, geographic distribution and artistic genres. Please see our website for a detailed description of the Board’s work and answers to frequently asked questions in regard to applications.

Decisions are made by the Swedish Visual Arts Fund, which is the agency of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee that allocates governmental grants and allowances to professional visual artists and designers. The members of the Fund are professional visual artists and designers and experts in the field. The names of the members are published on the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website.

Payment, National insurance contributions and tax
If you are awarded a working grant, it will be paid into the bank account stated in your application. One- and two-year working grants are exempt from taxation. Note that grants are not counted as income and thus do not qualify for sickness benefits or parents’ allowances. For further information, please see www.konstnarsguiden.se. Five-year working grants are taxable income and a statement of income will be submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency.
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