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Project grant

What can you apply for?

  • Projects, depicting experiments and other larger works
  • Collaborative projects in which the applicant collaborates with other artists or professionals
  • Works already planned or underway for which the artist requires support for its completion

What are the requirements of your project?

  • Clearly defined goals or intentions
  • Fixed start and end dates
  • The result of the work shall be made public in the form of an exhibition, film, seminar, book or similar.

Who can apply?

  • Individual artists. Other practitioners can participate in the project. In the application, they are accounted for as “other participants”.

How do you apply?

  • Applications should preferably be made by logging on with your e‐legitimation (Swedish electronic identification) to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website, www.konstnarsnamnden.se. We do not accept applications by e-mail, but you can submit your application in paper format if you do not have access to an e‐legitimation. The application form can be downloaded as a PDF-file from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website or ordered through the website or by telephoning +46 8‐506 550 81.

What happens when I submit my application?

  • Your application is registered at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Applications are processed by the Board of the Visual Arts Fund, which decides who will be awarded a grant.

If you are awarded a grant

  • At public presentations of your project/work, it must be clearly stated that it is realised with support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Visual Arts Fund.
  • When your project is completed, you must submit a written report in which you account for how you have carried out your work, what results you have achieved as well as submit a financial declaration. In order to be eligible for further grants and allowances from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee such a report must be submitted.
  • Note that your grant is taxable income and you must pay social security contributions on the part of the grant that covers your own work. You must also pay general pay roll tax for anyone you employ.

Things to think about before you fill out the form
You apply with your e‐legitimation (Swedish electronic identification) on www.konstnarsnamnden.se or on the appropriate paper form.

Applications must be complete. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee will not accept complementary additions.

Work samples
Your application must include 5‐10 work samples of representative works made in the last two years. If you apply digitally, upload your work samples at the end of the application process.

For information about which file formats you can use and the dimensions of the work samples, please see www.konstnarsnamnden.se/arbetsprover.

If you apply on paper format, your work samples must fit a standing A4 sheet (paper applications with work samples will be scanned and made available in digital format for the examiners). State year of production, title, technique and dimensions for each work. Please remember to write your name and national identification number on your appendices.

Please do not append further materials such as catalogues, sketches, etc. Work samples will not be returned.

Applications in paper format may be posted or hand-delivered to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Maria skolgata 83, SE-118 53 Stockholm, SWEDEN.

For further information on the Visual Arts Fund’s grants and allowances, please see www.konstnarsnamnden.se. You may also contact Louise Dahlgren, tel. +46 8‐506 550 68, louise.dahlgren@konstnarsnamnden.se.

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  • Adress: Konstnärsnämnden, Maria skolgata 83, 2 tr, 118 53 Stockholm
  • Telefon: 08 - 506 550 00
  • E-post: info@konstnarsnamnden.se