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Grant for international exchange

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee provides financial support for international cultural exchange. The intention is to present Swedish art for an international audience and to increase the exchange between Swedish and international artists. If you have been invited with a performance, a conference or a collaborative project abroad, you may apply for financial support. You may also be eligible for financial support if you wish to invite international artists for collaborations in Sweden. We allocate approximately 1 200 000 SEK every year for cultural exchange support within dance. The amounts vary from approximately 5,000 to 40,000 SEK.

Grants for international cultural exchange may be awarded to Swedish artists’ participation in exchanges abroad, or to invite international artists or other professionals to Sweden, primarily to exchange ideas or to work here with Swedish artists. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee awards grants only to professional artists. Grants are not awarded to students at art colleges or similar. To be eligible for a grant you must be a resident of, or/and have your main artistic practice in Sweden.

The grants are individual and are paid out only to individual artists – not to groups, organisations, etc. If there are several participants in the exchange, each must submit individual applications. 

The main aim of the grants for international cultural exchange is to present Swedish artists abroad and for an international audience and also to encourage collaborations and exchange between Swedish and international artists. The amount required is normally between 5 000-40 000 SEK.

If you wish to travel without having an organized exchange for example to develop artistically, travel abroad to participate in a course, visit a festival or do research, you should instead apply for a travel grant .

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee decides on grants for international cultural exchange four times a year. Note that in order to be considered, your application must reach the Swedish Arts Grants Committee no later than the deadline, or before the activity/travel starts. Grants may be awarded retroactively, but the application must be submitted before the exchange has taken place. 
Decisions are announced by e-mail, approximately five-six weeks after the application deadline. 

Cultural exchange abroad

In order to receive a grant for cultural exchange abroad, you must be invited by the organiser/collaborative partner in the country you wish to visit. The invitation must explain the purpose, when, and if the inviting partner will cover fee, accommodation, premises etc. The invitation is mandatory as attachment to your application. 
Performance/tour/festival: For performance or screenings at festivals etc, you may receive a grant primarily for cover the travel, hotel, accommodation, transportation and insurance costs. Grants for production costs will not be awarded. The international organiser should, if possible, pay for fees and costs for part of accommodation and subsistence.
Working residency: You can apply for a grant in order to participate in an international collaborative project, including participant observation or short-term training abroad, e.g. in a theatre or a film production. The grant may cover costs for travel and subsistence. Grants are not awarded for production costs – only for travels and subsistence.
Seminars/conferences/workshops: An individual artist may receive a grant for participating in an international seminar, conference or workshop abroad if you are invited. The grant may cover costs for travel, participation fee and subsistence.
For other kinds of international cultural exchange, please contact the Swedish Arts Grants Committee to find out the criteria.

Cultural exchange in Sweden

You can apply for a grant to invite prominent international artists or professionals who can give valuable impulses to Sweden. The focus should be on the benefit the Swedish artist derives from the collaboration. The exchange could, for example, be a collaboration on a performance or the shooting of a film. You can also apply for inviting someone to Sweden to contribute in an artistic work together, a seminar, a conference or a workshop. In the latter case the event should be open to other participants than the Swedish organiser. 
Institutions that host events cannot receive grants. Grants are not awarded to production costs – only for travel and subsistence, and in rare cases also for fees. Neither are grants awarded for guest performances in Swedish with finished international productions; it should be a collaboration between the Swedish artists and the invitee(s). 

Application instructions

Applications are preferably submitted in digital format on the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website by logging in with your e-legitimation (Swedish electronic identification). Start in good time and make sure your e-legitimation is up to date.  “Mobilt Bank-ID” with a smartphone is recommended.
Applications may also be submitted by post, you can upload the paper application on the website. Applications on paper are made on the form and signed. Applications submitted by post will be scanned and evaluated digitally. Applications by fax or e-mail are not accepted. 

If the application refers to cultural exchange abroad, a copy of the invitation must be appended. For a cultural exchange in Sweden, the application must include a description of the exchange as well as the invitee(e)’s name, country of residence, profession and activity.

Work samples such as DVD`s, etc are not considered for this kind of grant, but links to present your work or colleagues on Vimeo, Youtube or websites are welcome. Appendices (CV, invitation, folders, information leaflet, etc) must be in A4 format or in copies of that format. Information about your activities etc. should primarily be filled in the form. 
One grant is supposed to cover the exchange for one person. If you are travelling together, everyone in the project must do their own application. 
If you are awarded a grant, you must submit a written report of the exchange within a month after the exchange. The report should include how the exchange took place, what experiences you have made and what results you gained from it and a budget.
The result will be given after 5-6 weeks after the last application date. The decision is final.

Support from other institutions

Support for international activities is also awarded by other government agencies, such as the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Film Institute. The grants differ in various ways. The Swedish Arts Council’s grants are mainly intended for ensembles, groups, institutions and organisations. The Swedish Institute’s grants are also mainly intended for institutions and groups, but individual artists may, in certain circumstances, receive support. The Swedish Film Institute has various forms of grants for festival screenings abroad, etc. Institutions and permanent independent groups are referred to the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Institute. Playwrights are referred to the Swedish Authors’ Fund.

If an individual artist or group is associated with an institution, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee assumes that it is the responsibility of the institution primarily to pay for an international exchange.

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