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Decisions related to the international program's objectives, policies, budgets and priorities are taken by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's board.

Work group
The work group for music makes decisions about the distribution of grants for international cultural exchange and travel grants within the program.
The work group also decides on the distribution of residencies.

The Secretariat plans and implements independently the decided program within available resources.
The Director of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee makes decisions in matters of operations under the program within the framework of the Board's regulations.
The agency develops residencies for composers abroad and foreign composers in Sweden within the same frames .
The Director of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee also decides ongoing international collaborative projects on the basis of the reference group which then in its assessment is completed by two staff members. The decisions are reported continuously to the Board and the Work Group.

Reference group
A reference group is formed by members of the Work Group for music. The reference group shall consist of the Chairman of the Work Group, which also represents the The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's Board of Directors and two other members of the work group. The reference group's role is to assist the Secretariat with expertise in the development of the program
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