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ArtNexus is the first initiative of its kind in Sweden to synergize development cooperation and cultural policy areas.

ArtNexus is the first collaboration between Sida and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SAGC), Konstnärsnämnden, to help strengthen art- and culture practitioners and sector and thereby also improve democratisation processes in partner countries.

Marking also the first intergovernmental cultural collaboration between Sweden and Albania, through the launch of ArtNexus on 21 October 2021, hosted by the Swedish Ambassador Elsa Håstad who invited the Minister of Culture Elva Margariti and representatives from the Albanian art community at her residence.

Thanks to Sida funding, ArtNexus will run over a 3-year period in select partner countries, the first of which is Albania.

ArtNexus merges micro- and macrolevel interventions, by building art- and culture practitioner capacities through workshops and exchanges, as well as help to strengthen public institutions and policy making in the culture sector. In this way, the separate mandate areas of SAGC and Sida are fulfilled and merged, and a holistic and sustainable engagement and programme impact is better secured in partner countries.

Swedish Reference Group
A wide range of Swedish state and non-state sector specific and other technical experts will serve as the programme reference group, and include the following: the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), the Swedish Film Institute, the National Touring Theatre, Swedish PEN, Swedish Artists’ Association, Academy of Music and Drama and Valand Academy of Art and Design at Gothenburg University, Music Alliance, Swedish Intellectual Property Office, Public Art Agency Sweden, Unga Klara, Swedish UNESCO Council and the Swedish Cultural Attaché to Turkey.´

The reference group will advise programme implementation as needed and contribute to its capacity building pillar alongside other selected Swedish and international partners. Swedish embassies will represent, advise, and follow implementation at country level.

Programme Design
ArtNexus has been designed by SAGC in consultation with Sida, based on the direct feedback from partner country art- and culture practitioners and Ministry of Culture during one full year (2020 for Albania). Due to the Covid pandemic, country visits were not possible during the design phase, however a series of Zoom consultations and a comprehensive digital survey were carried out. The underlying principle has been to develop a demand- and needs-based programme, to avoid the traditional pitfall of imposing set models onto partner countries without due respect to contextual differences.

Therefore, we have and will pursue continuous dialogue with our national stakeholders throughout programme implementation, paired with implementation through national NGOs and consultants to the extent possible.

Programme activities
During the first programme year, a few key activities will dominate the agenda, including gap narrowing conversations between art- and culture practitioners and state representatives during two planned dialogue meetings. Secondly, capacity building activities will be carried out with the help of Swedish and international partners, catering to the expressed needs of partner country stakeholders. It is also our ambition that subject specific studies be carried out by external experts to help improve evidence-based policy making in the culture sector.

ArtNexus holds the potential to produce some measurable impacts, such as improved partnerships between Swedish and partner country art and culture institutions and new opportunities for partner country artists to improve their international presence (through for instance ArtNexus stipends and residencies). The programme could potentially be extended to 5 years with an added regional dimension.

For more information, please contact:
Neda Mansouri, Executive Manager ArtNexus
+46 (0)8 506 550 62

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ArtNexus är ett treårigt internationellt program - i samverkan mellan Konstnärsnämnden och Sida - för att skapa synergier mellan kultur- och biståndspolitiska mål.


The launch of ArtNexus on 21 October 2021, hosted by the Swedish Ambassador Elsa Håstad who invited the Minister of Culture Elva Margariti and representatives from the Albanian art community at her Residence.

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