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Hiroshi Okura

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Hiroshi Okura is an art critic based in Niigata city, Japan. He is also a member of Niigata Eya, which is a NPO gallery run by the members having various occupations, such as carpenter, furniture craftsman, poet, art critic and architect. Niigata Eya has showcased more than 300 Japanese and foreign artists. He has also coordinated over 60 exhibitions as a director and curator of Sakyukan, which is a noted art and cultural facility in Niigata City. Okura was instrumental in holding the Swedish Contemporary Artists Exhibition in Niigata, in 2013. From 1985 to 1990, he served as the curator at the Niigata City Art Museum. Since becoming a freelance, he has been engaged in important role to preserve historical buildings in Niigata city - Niigata Eya and Sakyukan are among these traditional Japanese wooden houses. In yet another direction, the art advocate authored "Tokyo Noise" (Art Village), co-authored “ Essa no Uzumibi" (Niigata Nippo) and edited and composed “ Landscape of Toru Sunouchi" (Shunjusha). Currently Okura is a lecturer at Nagaoka Institute of Design, Niigata University and Niigata College Of Art and Design. In 2009 and 2012, he served an advisor of ”the Water and Land Niigata Art Festival“ held in Niigata City.

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