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Iaspis Kitchen Talk/Breakfast: Artist Talk David Shrigley

Date: Monday 24 September 2018
Time: 09.30 am
Place: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Residency Kitchen
Address: Maria skolgata 83, 2nd floor, Stockholm, Sweden
Language: English
Breakfast is served
Please note! This event is fully booked!

David Shrigley
, former Iaspis studio grant holder is presenting a new show, Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-things, at Spritmuseum in Sweden this autumn.
Simple pen and ink drawings with handwritten slogans and puns and a visual idiom reminiscent of comic books and caricatures form the foundation of David Shrigley’s art. He also works in sculpture, large installations, animation, painting, photography and music. With conceptual obstinacy and a satirical undertone, Shrigley addresses themes that mirror everyday life and the ordinary elements of human behaviour, from shopping lists to snippets of overheard conversations. It is inexplicably, madly funny.
The dusty-dry, winter-dark humour of Shrigley’s work has been called typically Glaswegian. He grew up in England, in the East Midlands, and moved to Glasgow to study art. Shrigley has described Glasgow as “exciting, different and mystical” – everything that the suburbs of Leicester, where he grew up, were not. Glasgow became his home for 27 years. He now lives in Brighton.
In 2018, David Shrigley was invited to be the guest director of the Brighton Festival, a creative role that has been taken on by many of Britain’s biggest names. In his own installation at the festival, Life Model II, he exhibited an oversized sculpture of a nude woman, inviting visitors to draw it. The festival programme also included his performance Problem in Brighton, which he termed an “alt-rock pantomime”.
The first Life Model, a nude male mannequin with unnatural proportions, was exhibited at the Hayward Gallery as part of his solo show Brain Activity, which was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize in 2013.

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