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Mikael Goralski

Studio Grantholder in Stockholm 1 October 2018 - 31 March 2019
Mikael Goralski (SWE) – Sundbyberg’s most famous Darth Vader impersonator.

Born stateless in Solna, Sweden in 1962. Swedish citizen since 1964.

Studies in Digital Media at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, 2005-2006.


I will devote my Iaspis residency to working on structuring and refining raw material, sketches and rough drafts that I have collected during the past 30-odd years, like the missing link between Butterick’s, the joke shop, and FONUS funeral homes, in the spirit of Ed Wood. Among other things, I will distil four kitchen middens of remains composed of found objects, sounds, junk, books, newspapers etc from a fictitious paranoid private investigator, Taxi-Ove, into a private investigative cabinet of curiosities, with echoes from Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote and August Strindberg’s Inferno, the Occult Diary and the Green Bag.

Previous projects:

Restaurering av inre rum (Restoration of Interior Rooms)

Secondhand Daylight – Kosmisk Kastrering 6 (Cosmic Castration)

The Scrags, Never Looking Back
Fönstertittarsjukan (Intermittent claudication)
WE ARE THE DEAD, group show with works by, among others, Daniel Johnston, Axel Petersén, Erika Canohn, Freddie Wadling, Paulina Drakenstedt, Joseph Beuys, Charlotte Ostritsch, Peter Kinny, Gunnar Lundkvist, Klas Eriksson, Simon Sjöström, Lucas Lundh, Tova Mozard and Isak Sundström, Galleri Cora Hillebrand, Gothenburg, 1 September-30 September 2018.
HOW TO USE THE CAN OPENER ON A SWISS ARMY KNIFE, (Istället för gravar/instead of graves)
Curator for RANDOM ROUTE 2, Charlotta Abrahamsson and Alberto Frigo. Galleri Cora Hillebrand, Gothenburg, November 2018.


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Installation from Istället för gravar/instead of graves with works from Mikael Goralski and Andreas R Andersson.

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