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Alessandro Facente

Expert visit in Norrbotten 2-27 August 2018 (as part of CPR 2018)
Alessandro Facente (Italy, b. 1982) is an art critic and independent curator based in New York. He holds an M.A. in Art History and Contemporary Art from La Sapienza University in Rome. His research focuses on the crossover and interplay of art criticism and curating by following the artist’s practice closely. He is shaping this mechanism of artist-curator dynamic through a concept that he refers to as ‘curaticism’. Different all the time in solutions and arrangement, 'curaticism' is a curatorial theory founded by himself in 2013 that has the goal of ‘curatorially’ identify the political and social position that the artist’s practice occupies within the current time, and to ‘critically’ investigate how the artwork’s visuality makes the piece to be politically and socially questionable. He currently serves as a Curator at Artists Alliance Inc., an artist and curator-centered non-profit organization based in the Lower East Side, New York. Facente has curated solo, group exhibitions and talks in non-profit spaces, foundations, and galleries, including NARS Foundation, Italian Institute of Culture, Residency Unlimited in New York, TranzitDisplay in Prague, HIAP in Helsinki and Ateliê397 in São Paulo. His articles, interviews, and essays have appeared in art magazines such as Artribune, DROME magazine, TemporaryArtReview, and DOMUS, as well as in exhibition catalogues for major museums including MADRE in Naples and GAMEC in Bergamo.

CPR 2018: Dimming the Northern Lights
// Reykjavik, Tórshavn, Tromsø, Boden, Luleå, Hyrynsalmi, Helsinki
// August 2 - 27, 2018.
Moving further away from the dominant capitals, our upcoming nomadic residency program: CPR 2018: Dimming the Northern Lights will offer curators the chance to explore remote spaces and times. Our sixth Core Program will visit a collection of art scenes with peculiar situations that will address the complex subject of integration. Social integration stands for the act of incorporating individuals from different groups into a society as equals, while behavioral integration is when an individual stands in harmony with the environment. CPR 2018: Dimming the Northern Lights will tackle these two sides of integration.

We will challenge ideas of social integration through the following questions: How do these distant, insular societies deal with integration? What is their relationship with their past? Are native communities fully integrated into the local art scene? How have small towns received and integrated the recent waves of refugees? To exam behavioral integration, we pose questions related to the individual and the environment: What are the local communities relationships with nature? How do these progressive societies integrate the issues of mining, fossil fuel, oil exploitation and weapon exports, with their dedication to sustainability and persistent recycling?

These are all complex, yet impending questions that will drive the group towards the main questions behind CPR 2018: Dimming the Northern Lights: Does integration really work? How are these two types of integration alive in the local art scenes? We will attempt to answer these questions during the four weeks traveling through Reykjavik, Tórshavn, Tromsø, Bonde, Luleå, Hyrynsalmi, and Helsinki.

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