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Startsida / Performance av Hiroko Tsuchimoto - Iaspis residensstipendiat i Johannesburg

Performance av Hiroko Tsuchimoto - Iaspis residensstipendiat i Johannesburg

Datum: lördag 14 april Tid: 11.00 - 16.00 Plats: Victoria Yards Adress: 16 Viljoen St, Lorentzville, Sydafrika


How do we feel about feelings? Do we have to be happy all the time? Should we dismiss negative thoughts and get rid of the emotional pain? We can, and at times should. That we were taught in order to behave in a civilized manner. We know not to express feelings. “Don’t worry… Take a deep breath. Everything will be alright ;)”
“DO NOT FEEL LIKE THAT. DO NOT FEEL!” is a performance by Hiroko Tsuchimoto. The artist will invite audience members to a performative session while walking around the beautiful site of Victoria Yards, where people can see the transition from the old laundry facility to the current creative community hub. The artist offers an opportunity to reflect on, resist and eventually overcome invisible social oppression. It is a gentle process to engage a sense of your emotional state and to be aware of how you feel and where you stand now - by embracing an in transition, transforming place.
Since the artist wishes to meet and communicate with people personally, only one person can join the performance at a time.

The total duration is 30 minutes and there are 7 slots available during the event. (11:00-11:30, 11:45-12:15, 12:30-13:00, 13:15-13:45, 14:00-14:30, 14:45-15:15, 15:30-16:00).

RSVP with the preferred time slot to: hirokotsuchimoto@gmail.com or +27 (79) 749 3271. "First come, best served"!!

Hiroko Tsuchimoto (b.1984, Sapporo, Japan) is a visual/performance artist, living in Sweden since 2008. She began her career at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and went on to study at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design and Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Her works are generally manifested as stage performances and social experiments in public spaces. In her performance pieces, she often provides communal experiences to audience members through physical assignments, dialogues, and collective movement. Since 2008, Tsuchimoto has presented her works internationally both inside and outside art spaces. She is a working grant recipient from Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the year 2013 and the years 2016-2018, as well as a grant holder at Iaspis residency at Bag Factory in Johannesburg in 2018.

Victoria Yards
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