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Annie Johansson

Studio Grant holder in Stockholm 1 April - 30 September 2018

Annie Johansson (b. 1986 in Värmland) is a textile artist who lives and works in Gothenburg. Since receiving her Master’s degree in textile art from the Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Sweden, Istanbul, Iceland and Ukraine. In 2017 she held a solo exhibition at Galleri SOFT in Oslo.

The material is the protagonist of Annie’s art. In an intuitive dialogue with the textile material and its techniques she employs an abstract approach to sculptural objects in which corporality is a recurring theme. Annie is interested in the connotations of the textile material, primarily how it relates to the body and intimacy and how it speaks to our muscle memory. She investigates our deep-rooted relationship with textile materials and how it relates to questions about memories and feelings. Textile is a very common material, something that is in our vicinity in all stages of life and while we may not formulate ourselves in relation to the material we know the feeling of it. These tactile memories, this implicit corporeal knowledge forms the entry point and the investigation of Annie’s work: in a game with the sensuality and dignity of the material she attempts to attain a feeling in an endeavour to communicate beyond words via the textile objects she creates.

In her ongoing projects Annie is investigating wool with a special interest in the physical processes of wet felting in the process of making. Using wet felting as a method she explores, both theoretically and practically, the relationship between the maker, the making and the object.


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