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Video documentation

Documentation from public events and video interviews with Iaspis Studio Grant holders

The Possibility of Research -Lecture by Namita Wiggers & Benjamin Lignel

Thursday 21 March 2019, Konstnärsnämnden, The Project Room

Lecture with Namita Wiggers & Benjamin Lignel >>

Urgent Pedagogies - Learning and Unlearning through Spaces of Exception

Seminar on urgent design and architecture pedagogies at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial 2018, Saturday September 22nd 2018. With Sepake Angiama, Markus Bader, Jan Boelen, Magnus Ericson, Joseph Grima, Sandi Hilal, Onkar Kular, Peter Lang, Tor Lindstrand, Pelin Tan, Mark Wigley, Merve Gül Özokcu.

Welcome by Magnus Ericson and Pelin Tan
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Historical overview:
A Radical Occupation: the Remaking of Design Education in 1960’s Italy by Peter Lang
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Part 1: Border Realities, Co-existences and Methods
Introduction by moderator Pelin Tan

Borders as Pedagogies by Pelin Tan
View video documentation>>

Doing Together by Merve Gül Özokcu
View video documentation>>

The Tree School or Mujawara by Sandi Hilal
View video documentation>>

Panel discussion
with Pelin Tan, Sandi Hilal and Merve Gül Özokcu
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Part 2: Contra-Urban Conditions, Periphery Scales and Localism

Introduction by moderator Sepake Angiama
View video documentation>>

Strategies of Unlearning by Joseph Grima
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Learning Situations in City Making, the Open Raumlabor University by Markus Bader
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System of Splines by Tor Lindstrand
View video documentation>>

Panel discussion
with Markus Bader, Tor Lindstrand and Sepake Angiama
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Reflection and concluding panel
with speakers, moderators and panel guests Onkar Kular and Mark Wigley moderated by Pelin Tan and Magnus Ericson.
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View video documentation>>

Perspectives on Collective Practice

Public talk with curator Grégory Castéra based on his research on how artists work with collective practices, and how this approach can foster artistic development, better understandings of societies, and encourage alternative ways of working, thinking and living together. Followed by a discussion between Grégory Castéra, Raimundas Malašauskas, Claire Tancons and Kathryn Weir.

Perspectives on Collective Practice: Public talk with Gregory Castera

Perspectives on Collective Practice: Discussion between Grégory Castéra, Raimundas Malašauskas, Claire Tancons and Kathryn Weir


Two-day seminar 28-29 November 2018, Stockholm. A collaboration between Iaspis/The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Konstfack, Konsthantverkscentrum and Norwegian Crafts.



Maj Sandell, Director Gustavsbergs konsthall

Joakim Borda-Pedreira, Director RAM Gallery in Oslo

Matt Smith, Professor of Craft/Ceramics and Glass at Konstfack, Artist

Paneldiscussion led by Dr Maja Gunn, Professor of Craft, HDK Steneby, Gothenburg University, Artist and Designer



André Gali, Head of critical theory and publications at Norwegian Crafts (Introduction to Documents on Contemporary Crafts, no 5: Material Perceptions)

Mònica Gaspar, Curator, writer and lecturer (Moderator´s introduction)

Pravu Mazumdar, PhD in Philosophy (The Padded Cell of Words. On Philosophy and Exteriority)

Agnieszka Knap, Jewellery artist, curator (A Playful Relation of Matter and Sense)

Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, Artist (Does a tool need to have purpose)

Anders Ljungberg, Jewellery artist, Professor of CRAFT ! at Konstfack  (Blurry Function –Object as Body)

Sarah Gilbert, Artist and scholar (Learning from Social Insects: Crafting Crafty Practices in the Anthropocene)

Martina Margetts, Author, lecturer, curator  (Things Fall Apart)

Panel Discussion led by  Mònica Gaspar




Enjoy our filmed interviews with Iaspis Artists and Designers in Residence in Stockholm!



Mauricio Corbalan

Joanna Lombard

Pedro Alonso and Hugo Palmarola

Samara Golden

Pedro Oliveira

Nadine Byrne

Hanni Kamaly

Sandi Hilal




CUSS Group


Mikael Goralski


Sonya Blesofsky


Ramesch Daha


Ángel Núñez Pombo


Renée Petropoulos


Wan-Ying Lin


Maria Johansson


Debora Elgeholm

They Are Here

Santiago Mostyn

Ieva Epnere

LJ Roberts

Sarah Dobai

Célio Braga

Annie Johansson

Jonas Brandin

Anna-Karin Rasmusson

Einat Amir (ISR)

Lars Brunström (SWE)

Yane Calovski (MKD)

Andreas Doré (SWE)

Åsa Ersmark (SWE)

Luiza Prado (BRA)

Erna Skúladóttir (ISL)

Jalizaveta Suska (SWE)

Tori Wrånes (NOR)

Joey Holder, London (GBR)

Muhammad Ali, Stockholm/Damaskus (SWE/SYR)

Róza El-Hassan, (HUN/SYR)

Ana Mendes, Berlin/London/Lissabon (DEU/GBR/POR)

Mari Bastashevski, Lausanne (DEN/SUI/RUS)

Production and idea: Iaspis, Konstnärsnämnden
Film maker and editing: Alvaro Campo
Interviews: Annika Enqvist and Johan Pousette

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