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Startsida / Open seminar: Dialogue. Sreejata Roy, Iaspis residensstipendiat i Malmö

Open seminar: Dialogue. Sreejata Roy, Iaspis residensstipendiat i Malmö

Datum: onsdag 6 september. Tid: kl 16.15 - 18. Plats: K3 lunchrum, våning 4. Adress: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö Universitet.

Current work: Inspecting everyday freedom through the lens of gendered identities in the urban village of Khirki, New Delhi. Sreejata Roy has together with the artist Mrityunjay Chatterjee embarked on a year long project called Network & Neighborhoods. Their initiative focussed on empowering young women from the Khirkee and Hauz Rani neighborhoods to re-claim public spaces. The practice of active listening is the core of their dialogic method.

From the exhibition “Conversing in Time”, on display at the Kiran Nader Museum of Art (KNMA), New Delhi.



During her MPhil studies in media art at the Coventry School of Art and Design, UK (2001-05), Sreejata Roy evolved a culturally embedded personal art practice within her larger investigation of socio-cultural issues via oral history and ethnography, the narration of daily life, and the formation of subjectivity. She initially logged her observations in a diary. These notations – sometimes dense and analytical, at other times fragmented marginalia – functioned as core material for reflection and later articulation of her core interests through various interlinked media forms and formats.
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