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Startsida / Flying Carpet #29: Katerina Gregos - The Refugee Crisis and Contemporary Art: Uneasy Bedfellows

Flying Carpet #29: Katerina Gregos - The Refugee Crisis and Contemporary Art: Uneasy Bedfellows

Datum: 30 augusti 2017.
Tid: 17.30.
Plats: Konstnärsnämnden.
Adress: Maria skolgata 83, Stockholm
Språk: engelska


In the wake of the refugee crisis that broke out in 2015 there have been a plethora of exhibitions and artistic projects in response to the issue. While many stem out of a genuine interest and involvement, others have been opportunistic and subject to criticism of exploitation of the 'pain of others' or ‘poornography’: the use of images of poverty and precariousness to create sensational images in the media as well as in art. What are the ethical issues that arise in such circumstances, and how does one deal with the problems of representation that are inherent to curating such highly sensitive topics.

Based on two recent exhibitions Gregos has curated on the subject, the seminar will explore the politics of representing the refugee crisis. “About them, without them” seems to be the general way of dealing with the refugees and their suffering. How can one possibly avoid such arm’s length approach? What does it mean to be involved? What is genuine involvement and when does it turn into sheer exploitation? We are affected by what we see in exhibitions. It shapes in an important way we look at and interpret the world. This means that the curator and artist have a responsibility towards society that goes beyond the creation of images to be consumed. How can artists and curators avoid the traps and pitfalls involved in any artwork or exhibition dealing with such issues? Who has the right to represent whom and why? What are the artistic and curatorial ethics that need to be taken into consideration? Representing the refugee need not only mean claiming his or her image, but can be an empowering process for both parties involved if these ethics are respected.


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Immigrants! Featuring Donald Trump and Tony Abbott, 2015 (Juice Rap News episode 34). Online news broadcast, 7’ 09”. Courtesy Juice Rap News.

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