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Bag Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa

Period of residency: 3 months during autumn 2021. Application period: 15th of October - 3rd of December 2020.

Application procedure
: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Iaspis delegation will select a number of candidates from among the applicants while the Bag Factory will make the final choice.

Grant: The grant is in the amount of 55’000 SEK to cover expenses for return flights between Sweden and South Africa, as well as living expenses and any production costs incurred during the three months of the residency.

About the Bag Factory
The Bag Factory started in 1991 and is the oldest artistic residency programme in Johannesburg. The former factory building was converted into studios for artists from different parts of South Africa in the year 1991. The physical standard of the studios is quite simple. The Bag Factory now provides studio space for local and visiting artists. It has collaborated with many international organizations and is a member of Triangle Network. The residency will include an introduction to the local art scene, open studios and an exhibition. There are 17 studios at the Bag Factory as well as a gallery, project room and print workshop that is run by a professional printmaker. The residency programme is located at Fordsburg.
The grant holder will be provided with an apartment located in Brixton; in the same area as the Bag Factory`S newly appointed new director lives.
It is important to be security conscious while staying in Johannesburg to avoid the risk of becoming a crime victim. In 1994 South Africa held its first democratic election. The ANC won a clear victory and Nelson Mandela became the country’s president. Several years of economic growth and political stability have created a prosperous coloured middle class while in other neighbourhoods there is severe poverty and high levels of unemployment.

Further information about the Bag Factory can be found at:

Points to observe when filling in your application
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Iaspis delegation will select a number of candidates whose applications will be sent to the Bag Factory management who will make the final decision. In view of the fact that the final choice lies with the Bag Factory applications should preferably be in English. Applications must be complete when submitted.

The Arts Grants Committee does not accept later additions to applications.

Samples of your work
Applications must include 5-10 representative samples of your work from the last two years. If you are making your application digitally you should upload your samples at the end of your application. Information about approved file formats and size of work samples are available at
If you are making a paper application, samples must not be larger than A4 (paper applications are made more widely accessible through digital scanning). For each work sample you must note the year in which it was made, title, technique and size. Don’t forget to write your name and social-security number on the appended files. Do not include other materials like catalogues and loose drawings. Work samples will not be returned.

Paper applications should be sent to Konstnärsnämnden, Maria skolgatan 83, SE-118 53 Stockholm, Sweden.

For further information about applications contact Karolina Pahlén,

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