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Mari Bastashevski

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 2 August - 29 November 2017
Mari Bastashevski is an artist, writer and researcher. She was born in a country that no longer exists. She is based in Switzerland but is rarely at home. Her work – usually a result of extensive online and field investigations – melts data with photographs and texts and explores the role state and corporate secrecy plays in wielding and sustaining power. She is currently working on an ongoing project, State Business, about international conflict commerce, that is, the relationship between the state and corporations that fuels and sustains communities in crisis throughout the world. She is also currently concluding a project, 10,000 Things Out of China, a work that navigates through the violent, complex and politically ambiguous culture of logistics by which products made in China reach Europe and the United States and how these networks are intertwined with the logistics of desire that generates response to advertising images. Her other projects include: It’s Nothing Personal, an installation juxtaposing the technocratic language and neutral space of surveillance firms with the testimonies of individuals affected by surveillance technology. And ZimTm, a self-reflective critique about an irreconcilable conflict of corporate sponsorship and critical practice, accompanied by an automaton stand-in for an artist with its own twitter account.

Bastashevski’s work has been exhibited in France, the Netherlands, United States, Switzerland and published in the New Yorker, Le Monde, NYT, Vice, among others. She is a Fellow at the ISP and a 2018 Data and Society Fellow. In 2011 she spent a year in residence at Cité des Art in Paris.

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Mari Bastashevski

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