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Lecture with Iaspis Studio Grant Holders Guy Michael Davis & Katie Parker at HDK

Date: Friday 12 May 2017 Time: 1–3pm Place: HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts, Main lecture hall Address: Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, Göteborg, Sweden Language: English

In the lecture, the artists will discuss their dynamic of working collaboratively from conceptualization to completion and how they handle the division of labor. Influenced by the intersection of decorative arts design and craft, they will address the sourcing of subject matter and the appropriation of history to re-envision the idea of collecting, display, and presentation through process and material finesse.
Founded in 2008, Future Retrieval is the studio collaboration of Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker. Their ceramic pieces are often created utilizing three-dimensional scanning and digital manufacturing of found forms that are molded and constructed in porcelain, mimicking the history of decorative arts and design.
Their process addresses the conceptualization, discovery, and acquisition of form, to make content-loaded sculptures that reference design and are held together by craft. Future Retrieval incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to their work, striving to make influential historic objects relevant to today.
Through arrangement and composition the two currents of design and nature become a way to visualize and narrate history, allowing them to bring the outdoors in and explore interior space through site-specific installations. By using porcelain and moldmaking combined with cut paper and built environments Future Retrieval reexamines ornament and form through elaborate staging and architecture. As artists and designers they are committed in using relevant technologies to reinvestigate history and historical objects. Similar to a taxidermist or painter, they create illusion through material manipulation with finesse and exacting precision building domestic environments that read as a historical narrative.
They will be in Stockholm from May 1 through July 31, 2017 at the Iaspis studio residency. Currently Katie Parker is an Associate Professor and Guy Michael Davis is a Professor of Practice of Fine Arts where they run the ceramics department at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design Architecture Art and Planning.
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