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Amanda Selinder

Grant holder in Stockholm 1 april - 30 September 2017

Born in 1990 in Småland, Sweden, Amanda Selinder is a fibre artist living and working in Stockholm/Göteborg. She received her education at HDK, the Academy of Design and Crafts in Göteborg and at the School of Visual Arts in New York.
With the point of departure in natural dyeing, Amanda examines various types of fermentation processes, cultures of microorganisms and the manner in which her body affects and participates with them, over time. What drives her work forward is a fascination and curiosity for the non-human bodies that the human body exists in symbiosis with. How do we communicate with the creatures that form such a crucial part of us?

Recently, Amanda’s artistic research has focused on the encounter between material and body. How do you become familiar with a material? How does it feel, taste, smell, change and affect you over time?

“It’s important for me to get to know the materials that I work with in my art. It’s important to live with them and try to understand them. It’s important to meet each other. Meet each other in our thoughts and skin. To meet each other in our flesh and in the invisible. To meet each other in the overlapping. It’s important to be a part of each other and not to. Dare to breathe with each other and through each other. I want to ask for permission. Ask for permission to use a material through getting to know it for real. Understand its biological processes and let it assert itself. Just like us, humans assert themselves all the time, I want the materials that I’m working with to also have the same rights. I don’t want to just take them for granted.”

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Opening: Amanda Selinder - Intertwined Bodies: Part II. Galleri KC Väst, Göteborg, 8 April - 23 April 2017, Open hours: Tuesday -Sunday 12am - 4 pm.



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