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International cultural exchange and travel grants

The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee can provide grants for international cultural exchange and travel grants. Contribution to international cultural exchange can refer to Swedish artists participating in exchange programs abroad, and foreign artists and other persons invited to Sweden, in the first place to exchange ideas or work here with Swedish artists. Travel grants can be applied for Swedish artists' self-initiated trips in cases where there is no invitation. The grants are individual and are given only to individual artists - not to groups, organizations oath However, there are opportunities for duos support. The main purpose of the grant is to present the Swedish art and to Swedish artists for a foreign audience, and to promote cooperation and exchange between to Swedish and foreign artists. The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee benefits about two million a year in the cultural contributions in music.
The grant is individual. It means that if you're traveling with a colleague, you must submit a respective application. Are you an ensemble / group of more than two persons traveling will you instead seek the support of the Arts Council which is responsible for the groups. If the exchange must be made within the framework of a Swedish institution's activities, it is the institution which will finance the exchange.

The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee do not share grants less than 3 000 SEK.
The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee benefits not grants for stays in countries or regions where the Foreign Ministry advises against travel.

Cultural Exchange abroad
In order to receive grants for cultural exchange abroad are required to have an invitation from the organizer / partner in cooperation in the country you are traveling to. The invitation shall state what to do and when, and what the inviting party stands for (eg gauge, accommodation, venue).

Concert / Tour
In conjunction with the concert or tour, you can get funding for primarily, travel, transport and insurance. The foreign organizer assumes paying gage and provide for subsistence. In the case of several foreign trips, make additional requests corresponding to the number of trips.

Work Stay
If you are invited to participate in any form of international cooperation projects can apply for funding for it. Grants to the costs of production are not given.

Seminar / Conference / Workshop
An individual artist may receive grants for active participation in the form of lectures at international seminar, conference or to conduct a workshop abroad. The grant may cover costs for travel and subsistence.

NOTE! If you are going to participate in an international seminar, meeting, conference or workshop you should seek travel grants and choosing study stay or seminar / conference as its main purpose.

There may of course be other types of international cultural than these. Please contact the Agency if you are unsure whether you can apply for aid or not.

Cultural exchange in Sweden

You can apply for grants for inviting foreign artists or other people who can give valuable impulses to Sweden. The core should be the to Swedish artists exchange of the cooperation. It can for example refer to a joint composition, rehearsal or concert work. You can also invite someone to perform at a seminar, conference or workshop. The latter normally requires that the event is open also for others than the to Swedish organizer.

Institutions can not receive assistance for arrangement but subsidies refers to artist-run projects. Grants are not given to production costs, but refer only to travel and, in some cases living. There should be a collaboration between the artist in Sweden and the / those offered here.

Travel grants

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