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International grants and subsidies

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Music Programme supports professional musicians and composers through different types of grants and subsidies. We allocate about 3 million SEK a year to international activities in the field of music.
Who can apply?
All grants and subsidies are intended for individuals and primarily freelance artists without permanent employment. Institutions, independent groups and the equivalent we refer to the Swedish Arts Council. To get support, you should be permanent resident of Sweden and / or have your main artistic activity in this country. Note that you can not get support through us if you are in training, for example at art college.

To apply digitally on the Arts Grants Committee's website, you must have an e-ID. For more information about e-identity and how to apply digital you can find here.

How is your application assessed?
Applications are assessed on the basis of the rules of selection that Parliament set; artistic activity and quality as well as financial needs. The Board also strive as far as possible for the diversity and distribution in terms of artistic forms, age, sex and place of business.

Who assesses your application?
Decisions on grants are made by the Work Group for music. The Work Group consists of thirteen members appointed by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's board. The members are themselves professionally involved such as musicians, composers, writers and educators in different parts of the field of music.

Short description of international grants in the field of Music

Grants for international cultural exchange and travel
The grant may partly relate to Swedish artists participating in exchange programs abroad, and foreign artists and other persons invited to Sweden, in the first place to exchange ideas and work here with Swedish artists. Travel grants can be applied for Swedish artists' self-initiated trips in cases where there is no invitation.

Residence abroad
The Grant to stay at a residence abroad will give you as a freelance, professional artist the opportunity to concentrate on and develop your composition work.
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