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FLYING CARPET #1: “YouTube Variations”, Pierre Bismuth, Robin McGinley and Stefanie Hessler

Time:21 March 2014, 2 pm
Place:The Project Room, Konstnärsnämnden, Maria skolgata 83, Stockholm
Language: English
Welcome to Iaspis’ new series of presentations and talks.The simple idea is to make public some of the meetings that take place in the Iaspis residency programme with expert visits, residents and guests who temporarily find themselves in Stockholm.

At this first Flying Carpet Pierre Bismuth will talk about “YouTube Variations” in conversation with Robin McGinley, one of the musicians interpreting the piece. The conversation is moderated by Stefanie Hessler, curator of Andquestionmark.


Bismuth has worked with different computer algorithms to transform sound material into musical scores. The scores are neither the product of thought, nor of chance, but the result of a series of computer translations, transliterations, and transcriptions of audio material. Bismuth fed the software YouTube clips including musical parts, but also sound and speech. The music scores that are achieved after a first series of operations are then processed by using more conventional methods of composition, involving issues of choice, reference, structure, and aesthetics. The result is a piece in 5 movements for four instruments: cello, clarinet, flute, and percussions. The piece is at the same time succinct and immensely difficult to play. “The YouTube Variations” is the first composition for several instruments based on this protocol and will be performed for the very first time at Andquestionmark, Roslagsgatan 60 in Stockholm, on Thursday 20 March, at 6pm, with: Daniel Borgegård Älgå (clarinet), Pelle Halvarsson (cello), Magnus Nordén (kit percussion), Anna Petraskevica (flute), coordinated by Robin McGinley.

For more information, please Contact coordinator for the Iaspis-programme Jonatan Habib Engqvist,

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