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When the conscious listens to the unconscious


3.30 pm Presentation about nature and animism in Japan, by Bril Designers Collective (

4 pm Public lecture by Markus Bader/Raumlabor (

5.30 pm Concluding discussion: Hierarchies between theory and practice – how it affects design theory and practice, with Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter, Markus Bader, Bril Designers Collective, Xiaoxin He, Jessica Hemmings, Andreas Nobel, Katja Pettersson, Jelena Rundqvist.

6.30 pm – 10 pm Performance by Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter. Dream Collaboration by Josefin Arnell and Ivana Králíková. Release of the Fanzine When the conscious listens to the unconscious, with documentation from the week. Graphic design Aron Kullander-Östling.

Music, bar and tomato soup.


Time: October 21-25.
Place: The Project Room, Iaspis, Maria skolgata 83, Stockholm, Sweden.
Language: English.
Prior notification of attendance to workshops is required.
When the conscious listens to the unconscious

Prior notification of attendance to workshops is required.
Please RSVP to by October 4th.

All lectures are public and free of admission.

During one week embedded knowledge within design, craft and architecture is explored in lectures and workshops led by practitioners within the design, architecture, art, writing, Feng Shui, voguing and neuroscience. The themes for the week are unconscious knowledge, the rhythm of tools, the communication of the senses, synesthesia, the body's importance in design, spatiality, the performative in and around objects and hierarchies between theory and practice.
The session is based on active participation by the workshop participants. Workshop participation is intended primarily for designers, craftsmen and architects. The session ends on Friday, October 25, with a concluding discussion, performative elements and a fanzine release. Soup and refreshments will be served in the bar.

Iaspis has commissioned the project When the conscious listens to the unconscious, curated by Jelena Rundqvist.

Lecturers and workshop leaders:
Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter (ISL) artist (
Markus Bader (DEU) member of the group Raumlabor (, which links architecture, urban planing, and art.
Bril Designers Collective (JPN) ( (
Xiaoxin He (CHN/GBR) PhD in architecture and geography, consultant within architecture, landscape and environment, Fengshui specialist.
Jessica Hemmings (GBR) textile writer, Professor, Head of Faculty of Visual Culture, National College of Art & Design, Dublin (
Andreas Nobel (SWE) PhD-candidate Konstfack, interior architect, founding member of art and design group Uglycute (
Katja Petersson (SWE) designer, previously member and founder of the design group Front. Manages the design project Fifty Fifty Projects ( and is senior lecturer at Beckmans school of design.
Jelena Rundqvist (SWE) artist, curator.
Tessa Van Leeuwen (NLD), PhD, researcher focused on Synaesthesia, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Germany (

The concept of knowledge as it tends to be understood and used within academia can be limiting when applied to design and aesthetics. Wordless knowledge, intuitive processes and methods, the embedded knowledge within design practices, can be difficult to communicate in a established theoretical language. In a field where theoretical analysis is increasingly in demand, this may cause practitioners to favour more conceptual or easily explainable design – thus missing out on important knowledge that could contribute to the understanding of design and how it affects us.

When the conscious listens to the unconscious is a series of explorative sessions that will bring together practitioners from the fields of design, craft and architecture and participants from outside the realm of aesthetics, such as neuroscientists and psychotherapists. The aim of the project is to assemble participants with different approaches to their work, who might share an interest in developing and expanding our understanding of design and aesthetics.
- Jelena Rundqvist

NOTE! Travel grants, à 3000 SEK, can be applied for by artists based in Sweden working within design, craft and architecture, who intend to travel to Stockholm to take part in When the Conscious listens to the Unconscious. Please indicate in your registration for the workshops if you are also applying for a travel grant. Applicants should submit a brief résumé to prove their professional practice. Grant holders must subsequently submit a written report summarizing how the grant was used and about the experience gained.

For more information please contact Iaspis project coordinator Annika Björkman by e-mail: or phone no.  +46 (0)8 506 550 50.

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