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The Örnsberg Seminar


Time: Saturday November 9, 12-6pm. Mingle and food at own cost, price to follow
Place: MDT, Slupskjulsvägen, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Language: English

The Örnsberg seminar 

The seminar targets professional practitioners within Applied Arts and is free of charge.
Please RSVP to by November 1st


The Örnsberg Seminar is a platform for discussion and a meeting place for design and craft practitioners. The focus of the event is to present, explore and discuss craft-based investigational design.

The seminar is organised by Örnsbergsauktionen in collaboration with Iaspis.

“The seminar will consist of a series of presentations by practitioners who we find inspiring and who evoke our curiosity. Each presentation will consist of a talk and a practical demonstration to explain the guest`s practice. We think that if we want to talk about process based design, then process needs to be a part of the conversation.”
                                                                                               --  Örnsbergsauktionen

Silo is a design studio formed by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless, currently based in a plastics factory on the southern bank of the Thames, focused on study through experimentation with industrial materials and processes, aiming to adapt them to a more craft-like approach. Silo looks at the industry’s manner of making things, trying to find simpler and more expressive ways, identifying new potential. Handmade high tech.

27-year-old designer Lex Pott employs a raw and intuitive method. In his work, he returns to the origin of his preferred materials: wood, stone and metal. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers, but reduces them to their very essence. Pott is an Amsterdam-based designer who works from his studio in an old shipyard on the NDSM-Terrein, one of the last fringes in Amsterdam. The young designer graduated cum laude in 2009 at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Hellström’s methodological approach as a designer is of a highly independent nature, often craft-based, with a focus on process and a philosophical examination of the themes behind the work. Preoccupied with things that shock and surprise, in situations that elevate the soul, she likes to explore the notion of myth and investigate the narrative which is essential in objects. This is accompanied by an interest in that which constitutes our reality; subjective experiences, universal truths and what we classify as “fake” in opposition to “real”. Sometimes she describes herself as an analytic craftswoman, having been influenced from a young age by both her psychoanalyst mother and carpenter father. As part of her analysis of the narrative of objects, and to share the context and world within them, she recently started to work with the medium of film to express the microcosmos of the object, proposing another world to the spectator. With these manifestations she makes fiction, truth and different realities come together.

Ulrica Hydman-Vallien has reached a wide audience during the last decades with her striking, personal design language and imagery. She is a household name in Swedish glass industry with enormous commercial success and wide popularity. Hydman started out her career as a ceramic studio practitioner and maker. Over the years she has moved away from her studio work and today her illustrations and designs can be found on everything from chocolate to glass objects and air planes. Even if she has moved between different fields and materials through the years, her style and gestures have remained unmistakably personal.

“I believe in craft. I inspire people to take new ways in craft techniques. I develop the fields within silver- and goldsmithing. I teach the whole world my new techniques. My passion is my work.”
Fredrik Ingemansson has worked as a jewellery and corpus artist, running his own studio since 1988. In 2012 he started the web-published video project “Friday Technique” where he publishes a weekly technical experiment. The project was initiated in order to push his practice into new directions as well as develop his methods of teaching at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm where he has had a Junior Lecturer position since 2011.



The seminar will be moderated by Åsa Norman and Anna Nordström of DNK (see below).

Norman is interested in the human body located in different social contexts. She works with textile and garments as her main material/method since it is so closely related to identity and social power. Åsa Norman’s work is asking questions about gender, norms, power, always with a feminist perspective.

In her work Anna Nordström employs a wide range of textile crafts, where the traditional modes of making are adjusted to concern ideas of labour and its emotional effects, status and professionalism. The expressions of the employed materials have a central role and are chosen based on specific qualities and connotations.

DNK was formed in 2013 as a result of a strong need of context and collaboration within the art world where we operate. The group consists of six feminists anchored in a material-based practice. It is an exploration of collaboration as a method, working with a feminist, anti-racist and anti-capitalist perspective. DNK doesn’t want to keep talking about creating new spaces and platforms but actually make it a reality.
We call ourselves “ Den nya kvinnogruppen “ (The New Women’s Group) with all of the possibilities and problems that it poses.



Örnsbergsauktionen was founded in 2012 by Fredrik Paulsen, Kristoffer Sundin and Simon Klenell as a platform for showing and selling independent design projects. The cause of the project is to show works within the design field that exist outside of and paralell to the commercial design industry.
Örnsbergsauktionen works as an artist run auction house and curates an exhibition in Örnsberg, a southern suburb to Stockholm in February during the Stockholm Design Week. The exhibition ends with a live auction where the works are sold.
Örnsbergsauktionen wants to broaden the perspectives within the Swedish design scene by promoting and showing a wide range of design practices together.



For more information please contact Iaspis project coordinator Annika Björkman by e-mail: or phone no.  +46 (0)8 506 550 50



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