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Data Center Overload - Luleå

Excursions with Sean Dockray in Luleå September 4 - 7 and conversation, Saturday, September 8 at Galleri Syster i Luleå.
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Sean Dockray is a resident at Iaspis in Stockholm and has come from Los Angeles to research for a project around the massive new Facebook data center that is currently under construction in Luleå, becoming known as the “node pole.”

A conversation comes at the end of a week of field trips and excursions to various sites, more or less connected to the data center. Anyone is welcome to join in any of the visits for any reason, although they are more oriented towards wandering, conversation and observation than guidance and explanation.

Tuesday, September 4: the Facebook construction site; perimeter walk.

Wednesday, September 5: Lule River walk; Vattenfall infrastructure.

Thursday, September 6: see Ralph Erskine’s Shopping; finding the underground bunker that houses the Netnod Internet Exchange.

Friday, September 7: Natura 2000 bird watching; SSAB/ ore harbor visit.

This schedule is tentative, and subject to change! If you want more information or want to join along, feel free to contact Sean Dockray directly at

For more information abot Galleri Syster please see: 

For more information about Iaspis, contact Iaspis project manager, Jonatan Habib Engqvist,

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