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Practice Symposium


29, 30 september
Konstnärsnämnden, Maria Skolgata 83.
Lördag kl 14-20; Söndag kl 10-16.

Practice Symposium är en expanderad workshop där det akademiska ramverket för ett symposium används på ett annorlunda sätt genom att presentera ”practices” istället för ”papers”.

Internationella och svenska utövare inom koreografi och performance är inbjudna för att dela praktiker med varandra och intresserade. Inbjudna är Eleanor Bauer (USA, BE) , Valentina Desideri (IT/NL), Juan Dominguez (ES), Nilo Gallego (ES) , Rosalind Goldberg (SE/DE) , Sandra Lolax (SE/DE), Stina Nyberg (SE), Halla Ólafsdóttir (IS/SE), Petra Sabisch (DE) , Manon Santkin (FR, BE) och Mårten Spångberg (SE). Evenemanget är öppet och gratis för professionella utövare efter anmälan. Registreringen är nu stängd.´
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De senaste åren har begreppet “practice” elle "praktik" dykt upp regelbundet i det koreografiska fältet. Practice Symposium undersöker begreppet genom att bjuda in utövare av koreografi och performance för att dela praktiker med varandra och symposiets besökare.

Det engelska ordet ”practice” har den dubbla betydelsen av både substantiv (en praktik) och verb (att praktisera) och används ofta inom koreografi för att beteckna en specifik process inom konstnärligt arbete.

Det två dagar långa Practice Symposium (29-30 september 2012) äger rum i Konstnärsnämndens studior i Stockholm och består av två parallella paneler av ”practices”. Med utgånspunkt i att de utförs upprepade gånger (praktiseras) kommer symposiets andra dag att bestå av exakt samma program som den föregående. På så sätt kan man välja att delta i alla ”practices” eller att göra några av dem två gånger.

Om du är intresserad av att delta är det en fördel att vara med båda dagarna, en del går också. Mer specifikt program kommer att publiceras på hemsidan. Evenemanget är gratis. Konstnärsnämnden ligger på Maria Skolgata 83 i Stockholm.

Registreringen är nu stängd. Inga fler anmälningar tas emot. Vid frågor kontakta: anna.efraimsson@konstnarsnamnden.se
The Practice Symposium organiseras av Stina Nyberg, Zoë Poluch, Petra Sabisch och Uri Turkenich i samarbete med Internationella Dansprogrammet på Konstnärsnämnden.

Biografier (på engelska)
Eleanor Bauer
is an American choreographer and dancer based in Brussels, Belgium. She studied at NYU Tisch School of the Arts (BFA in Dance, 2003) and P.A.R.T.S. (Research Cycle, 2006). Her pieces ELEANOR! (solo, 2005), At Large (trio, 2008), The Heather Lang Show by Eleanor Bauer and Vice Versus: Trash is Fierce, Episode 1 (duo, 2009),  (BIG GIRLS DO BIG THINGS) (solo, 2010), A Dance for the Newest Age (the triangle piece) (sextet, 2011), and The Heather Lang Show by Eleanor Bauer and Vice Versus: Trash is Fierce, Episode 2 (duo, 2012), have toured internationally to critical acclaim. Her latest piece, for nine performers, entitled Tentative Assembly (the tent piece) opened the Kunstenfestivaldesarts at Kaaitheater in May 2012. A Dance for the Newest Age (the triangle piece) and Tentative Assembly (the tent piece) are the first two parts of a trilogy that will end with a trio called Midday & Eternity (the time piece), to premiere in 2013. Eleanor's solo (BIG GIRLS DO BIG THINGS) has recently been nominated for a 2012 Bessie Award/New York Dance and Performance Award.
As a performer, Eleanor has worked with, among others, David Zambrano (Soul Project), Mette Ingvartsen (why we love action), Trisha Brown (Accumulation and Floor of the Forest at documenta12), Rosas/Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (The Song), Xavier Le Roy (low pieces), Boris Charmatz (enfant, levee des conflits), and will appear in the next film by Matthew Barney, entitled Ancient Evenings.
Eleanor Bauer has also created or participated in specific projects such as heart the band/hear the bend, a long-distance performance collective with Beth Gill, Chris Peck, Jon Moniaci and Chase Granoff, performing intermittently since 2004; Dig My Aura, a solo for YouTube made in 2006; B-Chronicles, a sociological research project on mobility and trans-nationality in the Brussels and international dance communities in 2006-2007; 6M1L (6 Months 1 Location), a group research project at CCNM in Montpellier initiated by Xavier Le Roy and Bojana Cvejic in 2008; parliament without words, a performance for beings/things made with PARTS students for Kaaitheater's Spoken World festival in 2012, and such events as walk+talk in March 2011 at Kaaistudios initiated by Philipp Gehmacher, expo-zero by musée de la danse at Performa 11 in New York in November 2011, and Hannah Hurtzig's Black Market of Useful and Non-Useful Knowledge at In-Presentable Festival, Madrid, June 2012. Bauer's writing on dance has been published in New York's Movement Research Performance Journal, The Swedish Dance History, Maska (Ljubjana), NDT by Contredanse (Brussels), and in various publications by Sarma, everybody's, Nadine, and P.A.R.T.S..

Valentina Desideri (IT/NL)´was best defined by a friend who called her a 20
year old on tour.  Although this was meant as a reproach, she found
this definition more suiting than performance artist or anything on
that tone. Lately she has also been called a psychic, which, if added
to the previous description, makes of her a psychic 20 year old on
tour. She trained in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre in London,
she is doing a MA in Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam,
she does Fake and Political Therapy, she makes performances, she
writes biographies by reading people's palms and she writes other
things too but mostly she’s around.

Juan Domínguez (ES), born in Valladolid in 1964, is a performer and a choreographer. He studied dance and video in Spain and the USA and received various grants to study in Movement Research, New York. Since 1987, he has worked as a performer and artistic assistant, and since 1992 he has developed his own work, questionning the medium of performance as well as time and space as parameters of dance. Exploring the relation between the differents codes, his performances tend towards a complete dissolving of the borders between fiction and reality. His most recent works are The Taste is Mine (2000), All Good Spies are my Age (2002), The Application (2005), the 7th act for the opera Seven Attempted Escapes from Silence (2005), Shichimi Togarashi (2006), All Good Artists my Age are Dead (2007), the research project From… to… (2007), Don’t Even Think About It (2008), and Blue (2009). Since 2003, he directs and programs the Festival In-Presentable in La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
Nilo Gallego (ES)  is a musician - he plays drums, percussion and electronics, and performs testing performances using sound as a starting point. He has worked with choreographers Olga Mesa, Martine Pisani, Amalia Fernandez, Marisa Elena Love and Alonso, as well as managers theater Rodrigo Garcia, Carlos San Martin and Thomas Aragay and documentary filmmaker Chus Dominguez. He teaches sound art workshops for children and adults.

Rosalind Goldberg is a dancer and choreographer working in Stockholm and Berlin since 2007. She is educated at Balettakademien in Stockholm 2004-2007. Her work have been shown at Tanzoffensive, Tanztage Berlin, K15, Bochum Schauspielhaus, Fabrikationen, Diversia, Weld and MDT in Stockholm, Sophiensaele and Tanz Fabrik in Berlin. Since 2008 Goldberg has collaborated with Stina Nyberg and Sandra Lolax. Within this collaboration she created the piece A section of falling which toured in Scandinavia, Germany and Russia 2008 and 2009. 2010 they initiated the project Fake Somatic Practice which premiered at Weld autumn 2011. During 2012/2013 Goldberg is in collaboration with the choreographic centers Station-service for contemporary dance in Serbia, Belgrade and Residencias Artisticas Habitantes in Argentina, Buenos Aires for two coming productions.
As a dancer and performer has Goldberg been working with choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess, Sara Larsson, Ingri Fiksdal etc. and the Berlin based performance company Banality Dreams. In 2010 Rosalind Goldberg was a danceWEB scholarship recipient.
Sandra Lolax (FI/DE) was born and raised in Vasa, Finland. She got her
education at Balettakademien in Stockholm. Since 2007 she has been
working freelance as a performer with her base in Berlin and Finland.
She has performed in works by choreographers as Maya Lipsker, Deborah
Hay, Miriam Horwitz, Anne Mareike Hess and Carl Knif. Since 2008
Sandra has realized several projects in collaboration with Rosalind
Goldberg and Stina Nyberg, the latest one, Fake somatic practice, in
which she made the solo, And I'm ready for action, was developed in
residency at Weld in Stockholm 2011. She is currently touring the
performance I believe that we are having a dialogue, which was created
in collaboration with choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess in 2012.

Halla Ólafsdóttir (IS/SE) is an Icelandic artist, dancer and choreographer living and working in Stockholm. Her work is concerned with methods of reinterpretation of recognizable formats of representation facilitating a new shared experience. Halla is a MA choreography graduate from DOCH (Stockholm) and for the past four years Halla has been part of mychoreography and INPEX, creating and performing a number of pieces which have toured to festivals in Sweden, England, Belgium, France, Germany and the United States. She has recently been touring her pieces It´s definitely the spiritual thing and Beauty and the Beast. Halla is currently working on the remake of Giselle and with the curation of Reykjavík Dance Festival.

Manon Santkin  (FR, BE) lives and works in Brussels. She started her contemporary dance education in 1998 at the Lycée Martin V of Louvain-la-Neuve and continued at P.A.R.T.S. where she graduated in 2004. Since 2003, Manon has involved herself in the creation of projects as a dancer, performer, collaborator as well as mentor and assistant. While continuing to work for and with other artists, she develops her own work in which the question of the dispositive (of presentation but also for working) is always very present. She is the initiator of the project By-product, a collaboration with choreographer/dancer Leslie Mannès and fashion designer Jennifer Defays (www.by-product.be). Since 2003, Manon Santkin has collaborated regularly with choreographer Mette Ingvartsen, and since 2005 she has also worked regularly with Salva Sanchis. In 2004, she lead a series of workshops on movement and instant composition for actors and non professional dancers. Occasionaly Manon also mentors student works at Parts. In 2010, Manon worked on two new projects: Dolby (with Lucia Glass) and Performance Kit (with Leslie Mannès).

Mårten Spångberg (SE) is a performance related artist, choreographer and theoretician living and working in Stockholm. He has been active on stage as performer and creator since 1994, and has since 1999 created his own choreography’s from solos to larger scale works. With the architect Tor Lindstrand he initiated International Festival, an interdisciplinary practice merging architecture and choreography/performance. Since 1996 he has organized and curated festivals in Sweden and internationally. He initiated the network organization INPEX in 2006, with which he also publish The Swedish Dance History. He has thorough experience in teaching both theory and practice. Between 2008 -2012 he was the director of the MA program in choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm.

Stina Nyberg (SE) comes from Sweden where she makes and performs choreography. She graduated from the MA in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm in January 2012. During her studies she has to a large extent worked collectively with her fellow students and has through working with international choreographers, artists and theorists expanded her choreographic work. She is interested in choreographic methods and the notion of practice, and has created practice-based performances and a workshop in the political practice Radikal Aktiveringsteknik. During 2012 she has worked as a performer with Andros Zins-Browne, Mårten Spångberg and Sidney Leoni.  Stina has been working in several collaborative projects, most recently with Rosalind Goldberg and Sandra Lolax within the project Fake Somatic Practice. This autumn she will rework her solo Loudspeaking, made within that project, during a residency at Movement Research in New York. At the moment, Stina is making a piece for the Swedish Ballet School to be performed at the Opera in September.

Zoë Poluch (CA/SE)
These days, Zoë wonders how and what a local practice can be, compelling her to decipher what ‘local’ and ‘practice’ really want. The practice at stake is choreography and she recently finished an MA at the University of Dance in Stockholm where she focused on initiating alternative models of working together thinking choreography as a structural and organizational capacity. The local is, at this moment, Stockholm where she engages in dancing, choreographing, organizing, performing, and reading with the likes of Gunilla Heilborn, Mårten Spångberg, mychoreography, Enlightenment Hearts, amongst others. She still works in Brussels and Montreal respectively as a dancer and project archeologist.
Petra Sabisch (DE) is working as a choreographer and philosopher. Currently, Sabisch is Visiting Professor in Dance Studies at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in the University of Giessen, directing the M.A. "Choreography and Performance". Most recent artistic works encompass method, unplugged (Madrid, In-Presentable 2012) and the Conversation Piece (Berlin, 2008), and a new piece is programmed for January 2013 in Berlin. Artistic collaborations e.g. with Antonia Baehr, Alice Chauchat, Mette Ingvartsen and Mårten Spångberg. Since 2005 Sabisch has been involved in the development of the open group Everybodys that centres around the exchange & open source distribution of methodologies & practical know-how between art practitioners as well as in the artist-run Performing Arts Forum PAF in France. In 2010 Sabisch is awarded the doctor of philosophy with her book Choreographing Relations. Practical Philosophy and Contemporary Choreography in the works of Baehr, Deleuze, Dominguez, Guattari, Le Roy and Salamon. In 2011, Sabisch receives the award for dance studies (tanzwissenschaftspreis) by Tanzarchiv Köln and the Minister of Innovation, Research and Education in NRW.  Sabisch is lecturing, practicing and teaching in key art institutions in Europe (e.g. at the Inter-University Center of Dance Berlin, Université Paris 8, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Cologne, the University College of Dance Stockholm, Tanzquartier Wien).

Uri Turkenich is a dance and performance related artist currently residing in Stockholm, he has been active in the field of performance and choreography since 2003. In his works he is concerned with notions of change, Vitalism and the Marxists idea of social relations. Lately he graduated from the MA program for Choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm where he continues to create performances alone and in various collaborations settings.

Picture cred: Zoë Poluch


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