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APRIL 17 - MAY 4 2012
The exhibition vernissage will be on April 17 from 6 to 9 PM accompanied by a lecture by Claire Fontaine part of the series "Body of Work."


Lucie Fontaine is proud to present the second exhibition at her Stockholm satellite. Entitled “The Monster N° 2 Patrimony” the exhibition presents a long-term project developed by Venezuelan-born Milan-based artist Daniella Isamit Morales, whose practice is focused on the notion of identity and how this notion can be stretched, redefined and de-structured. The project is accompanied by the following text:

Mediatic Performance, 2010
Materials: An archive containing media documentation – TV recordings, magazines, interviews and the emails about the fictional character.
In May 2010 I was developing a performance, searching for men I could beat and then pay 20 Euros in exchange. To find some people interested I made a flyer and the gmail account [ti pago means “I pay you” whereas ti picchio means “I beat you”]. The performance eventually took place the same year at Isola Art Center in Milan.
A few days after the performance took place, I received an email from a journalist, asking for an interview to be published in a magazine. He was particularly insistent so we had a meeting. Few days later I appeared in this exaggerated article describing me as a bizarre character including highlights such as “a Venezuelan girl who loves to kick men’s asses”; “This is my stress medicine”; “I enjoy beating.” 

Then I received another email from the famous Italian talk show called “Pomeriggio 5,” which old Italian ladies love to watch. I decided to go, tell them lots of lies and incarnate that bizarre character that they already created. On the show I said that I didn’t want to do anything in life, that I was an art student but that world wasn’t for me, and I found myself in a big crisis but still my parents would send me money that I then used to beat people.
The same week, I appeared in another famous Italian TV show called “Striscia la Notizia”, a parody of the week’s news. Among the things they do is a top ten, and I was chosen and given the nickname of “The Monster Number 2.”
I collected all media material (magazines, videos) and all the emails I received before the first magazine feature came out. I made an archive about this fictitious character, letting the public to decide what they want or choose to believe about “me.”
The TV show interview raises questions about what is true or false about me and I enjoy this ambiguity. I see this as a simulacrum inside a bigger simulacrum, a territory where it is not possible to perceive the borders and the limits between what is fictional and what is real.
This patrimony includes:
1) Email from the first journalist
2) Visto N°31, August 2010 (magazine)
3) Vero N°29, September 2010 (magazine)
4) Email including the invitation to go on TV
5) “Pomeriggio 5” September 29 (video)
6) “Striscia la Notizia” October 1 (video)
7) 92 emails that the monster received asking for her services
8) Internet blogs

The exhibition vernissage will be on April 17 from 6 to 9 PM accompanied by a lecture by Claire Fontaine part of the series "Body of Work." Lucie Fontaine’s Stockholm satellite is located at Iaspis, on Maria Skolgata 83, and is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to noon and from 1 pm to 5 pm or by appointment. If you need further information please contact Lucie Fontaine’s employees at

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