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DanceWEB summer program

DanceWEB Europe is a network of dancers, choreographers, dance companies etc. Every year, young dancers and choreographers active in contemporary dance can apply for participation in the month-long grant programme run by danceWEB in Vienna, Austria. The programme includes training, seminars, choreography projects and performances. Every year, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee awards one or a couple of grants to Swedish participants. The grants cover participation fees, accommodation and travel expenses.

The Enhanced danceWEB Europe Scholarship Programme for Contemporary Dance is a five-week programme that takes place in conjunction with the ImPulsTanz festival. Some fifty young dancers and choreographers, from primarily Europe but also from the rest of the world, participate each summer. The programme focuses on the exchange of ideas and knowledge across national borders, on concentrated training and further education and on encounters with internationally renowned dance artists at the ImPulzTanz festival. Each year the scholarship programme has a new artistic director and coach, recruited among, for example, choreographers that have played an important role in the recent development of contemporary dance.

The amount of the grants is approx. SEK 60,000/per person
The cost of the Swedish grant is shared by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the city of Vienna and the EU. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee also reimburses the costs for the Swedish participant’s travel expenses.

Application and decision
The application is made via danceWEB’s website. Here you will also find the application deadline. You do not need to send an application to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.  The Swedish grants are allocated on recommendations by danceWEB.

If you are awarded a grant, you must, after the summer, submit a written report to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, describing your participation. Send a letter marked “Redovisning av danceWEB-stipendium”. In the report we would like an account of your impressions of your stay in Vienna, experiences you have gained and what significance you believe your participation will have for your artistic practice. You may submit the same report as the one you submit to danceWEB in Austria.

Grant holders:
Robert Malmborg, Sindri Runudde 2016
Louise Dahl, 2015
Lisa Raeder, Sanna Blennow, 2014
Rebecka Stillman, 2013
Tova Gerge, Aloun Marchal, Pontus Petterson, 2012
Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Clara Lee Lundberg 2011
Linda Blomqvist, Kristina Oom, Tara Motazed Kivani, 2010
Josefin Larson Olin, Stina Nyberg, Helena Stenkvist, 2009
Christopher Engdahl, Gilda Stillbäck, Niklas Valenti, 2008
Robin Jonsson, Jennie Lindström, 2007
Charlotta Ruth, 2006
Malin Astner, 2005
Ulrika Kinn Svensson, Johanna Klint, 2004
Rani Nair, Maria Öhman, 2003
Minna Kiper, 2002
Fernanda Lind Echenique, Tove Salmgren, 2001
Hanna Hedman, 2000
Palle Dyrvall, 1999
Anna Källblad, 1998
Therese Lindström 1997


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  • Address: International Dance Programme, Maria skolgata 83, 2 tr
  • Phone: vxl: 08 - 50 65 50 00
  • E-mail: info@konstnarsnamden.se