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Travel grants within dance

Travel grants provide artists with the possibility to travel abroad for shorter periods for work or study. For example, you can receive grants for participating in courses, visiting festivals or pursuing research. The travel should be beneficial for your own artistic development and/or work possibilities. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee allocates approximately 400,000 SEK every year for travel grants in the field of dance. The amounts vary between 5,000 and approximately 30,000 SEK.

Travel grants may be awarded for travels abroad for work or studies for example participating in courses, visiting festivals, pursuing research or arrange a meetings for upcoming works. The aim must be specified and motivated. The goal of the travel should be to benefit the applicant’s artistic development or working opportunities abroad.

Grants can be awarded for shorter artistic courses/workshops , but not for travels for “general education” or for participating in educational programme for one term or one year or similar. 

If you have an invitation from the organisation or artist that you wish to visit you should instead apply for a grant for international cultural exchange. That is if, for example, you have been invited abroad to screen a film at a festival or participate in a guest performance or some other cultural exchange.

If you are uncertain which grant to apply for, please contact the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Do not apply for both a travel grant and a grant for international cultural exchange for the same journey. 

Grant applications are individual. If you plan to travel with a colleague, both of you have to submit an application. You can apply for one journey per application. If you plan to make several journeys, you have to submit individual applications for each journey.

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee may award a grant for a journey that has already been undertaken at the time of decision, under condition that the application was submitted before the departure date. 
The amount normally required is 5 000-30 000 SEK.

To apply 

You submit your application online on the website. For that you need an e-legitimation, please contact your bank to get your personal e-legitimation. “Mobilt bank-ID”with your smartphone is recommended. Applications can also be made at paper forms that you can upload on our website. The paper application must be signed and send by post. Applications by fax or e-mail are not accepted.
Work samples such as DVD`s are not considered, but links to present your work on Vimeo, Youtube or a website are welcome. Appendices (CV, course descriptions, information leaflets, brochures, etc.) must be in A4 format or in copies of that format. 

Travel grants may be applied for four times a year. Note that your application must reach the Swedish Arts Grants Committee no later than the deadline date. Decisions are announced approximately 5-7 weeks after the application deadline, and the decisions are final. 

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee awards grants to professional artists.
Thus, grants are not awarded to students at art colleges and similar. Playwrights are referred to the Swedish Authors’ Fund.
To be eligible for a grant you must be a resident of, or/and have your main artistic practice in Sweden. 
If you are awarded a travel grant, you must submit a written report within one month of your return. The report should include what experiences you have gained, how you expect your experiences to benefit your artistic career and a budget. 


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