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Iaspis and Lucie Fontaine present: BODY OF WORK March 13 – June 13, 2012

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During her Iaspis residency, Lucie Fontaine will host a series of talks and exhibitions. The series of talks will be based on the following topics: authorship, signature, creativity and labour. The activities will take place in Lucie Fontaine’s studio at Iaspis on Maria skolgata 83 in Stockholm. All talks start at 6 pm and will be held in English.

The guests are:
Wednesday, March 28 • Agnieszka Kurant
Agnieszka Kurant is an artist based in Warsaw. She is interested in the ways in which trying to interpret the world logically results in a fictional version of reality. Her works explore how things created as fictions, rumours, paranormal phenomena as well as objects not existing materially, enter into the economy and the politics of the contemporary world. This talk is made in collaboration with the Polish Institute in Stockholm.
Tuesday, April 17 • Claire Fontaine
Claire Fontaine is a Paris-based collective artist, founded in 2004. After lifting her name from a popular brand of school notebooks, Claire Fontaine declared herself a “readymade artist” and began to elaborate a version of neo-conceptual art that often looks like other people’s work. This talk is made in collaboration with Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.
Wednesday, May 9 • Josefine Wikström
Josefine Wikström is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (Kingston University). The title of her thesis is Performance After Post-Fordism: Towards a Materialist Ontology in Performance which investigates performance art as a category of labour, departing in Karl Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach.
Tuesday, May 29 • Lee H. Jones in dialogue with Föreningen JA! // The YES! Association
Lee H. Jones is a highly acclaimed organic intellectual, an activist thinker and a celebrated public speaker. Jones is also a well-known figure in the activist community in particular within the Movement. Founded in 2005, Föreningen JA! // The YES! Association is a separatist association for art workers whose practices and activities are informed by feminism with an intersectional perspective.

Tuesday, June 5 - Please note! - at 5 pm • Daniel McClean
Daniel McClean is a London-based independent curator, writer, and art-legal adviser. He worked with Superflex on a series of site-specific art commissions exploring the use of rules, instructions, contracts and performance in the contexts of contemporary art and the law. He has advised a wide range of public and private art world clients, including the Arts Council of England, Gagosian, Haunch of Venison, and Tate. He regularly writes on art legal matters.
Monday, June 11 • Andreas Gedin
Andreas Gedin is an artist and PhD in Fine Arts based in Stockholm. His works combines an interest for ideas, communication, logistics, texts and power relations. Often his works interferes with given rules. The works can be presented in small actions, videos, text, photography or whatever suites the art works best.
In parallel to the aforementioned series of talks Lucie Fontaine will transform her studio at Iaspis into an exhibition space – a satellite of her alternative space in Milan – which program will include solo projects and curated shows featuring artists from her entourage, special guests and more. All exhibitions in Stockholm are open during Iaspis office hours and will be separately announced through Lucie Fontaine’s emailing list that you are invited to join through her website.
About Lucie Fontaine
Lucie Fontaine lives and works in Colmar, France. Describing herself as an art employer, Lucie Fontaine avoids harnessing her practice to a specific figure of the art field. This position, which is solely driven by the relationship to her art employees, allows her to be an artist, a curator, a dealer, a collector, an editor, a writer, and so on. Lucie Fontaine is in residence at Iaspis in Stockholm during Spring 2012. 

About Iaspis
Iaspis is the Swedish Visual Arts Fund’s international programme commissioned to support international exchange for practitioners in the areas of visual art, design, craft and architecture. Iaspis’ activities aim to enable practitioners based in Sweden to develop artistically and improve their working conditions by establishing international contacts between artists and institutions, professionals such as curators and critics and others active in the field.
For further information please visit  and or contact Iaspis project coordinator Ulrika Sten at e-mail: or phone no. +46 (0)8 506 550 94.


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