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Talk & film screening with Lorenzo Romito/Stalker and Osservatorio Nomade (IT)


Time: Wednesday 7 December 6-8 pm PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE AND TIME
Place: Iaspis, Konstnärsnämnden, Maria skolgata 83, Stockholm
Lorenzo Romito (IT) from Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade (ON) is introducing the work of the building of Saviorengo Kerr as a starting point and is presenting the ongoing project Primaveraromana; Walking for a U Turn, common design practices for social change* in this public talk. Stalker uses and develops methods of self organization, of processes of collective work and strategies for creative participatory feedback to improve and strengthen community methods for managing local territorial and urban problems.

The project Primaveraromana, is activated by Stalker in order to generate and share social knowledge and awareness on urban changes. By sharing the experience of walking across and mapping the changes of the contemporary roman post urban territories Primaveraromana is promoting the general states of citizenship together with local communities, associations, researchers and artists, in search of new practices, poetics and politics of coexistence in the emerging beyondcity dimension.

Stalker/Lorenzo Romito’s talk is the third of a series of presentations organized at Iaspis by international artists led initiatives setting up frameworks for engagement exceeding individual practice. The emphasis of the series is on self-organized structures emanating from specific needs and circumstances rather than reproducing conventional formats. This is also what we would like your presentation to focus on. The two first talks held in the series were held by Making A Living (MAL), UK and Sean Dockray (The Public School and AAAARGH.ORG). The series will continue during 2012.
For more information, please contact Iaspis coordinator Annika Enqvist:, tel. +46 8 506 550 50.

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Stalker/On proposes experimental strategies for intervention founded on exploratory spatial practices, using playful, convivial, and interactive tactics that relate to an environment, its inhabitants and their local culture.
Such practices and methods are conceived to catalyze and develop evolutionary and self-organizing processes through the social and environmental fabric specifically in the areas where through abandonment or impoverishment basic necessities are lacking. The traces of these interventions constitute a sensible mapping on the complexity and dynamics of the territory, realized through the collective contribution of individuals from different backgrounds and disciplines, who together investigate, document and participate in transformations taking place on the ground.
Stalker/On uses these strategies that employ direct unedited forms of cooperative documentation to contribute and promote among the local populations better self-awareness of their community and of their environment in order to enhance the quality of creative participatory feedback and improve and strengthen community methods for managing local territorial and urban problems.

  • Address: IASPIS, Maria skolgata 83, 2nd floor
  • Phone: +46 8 - 50 65 50 00
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