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Startsida / Iaspis i Istanbul. Disclosure – exhibition as discourse as disco

Iaspis i Istanbul. Disclosure – exhibition as discourse as disco

17 september i samband med den 12e Istanbul Biennalen

Tid: Saturday 17 September 2011, 8pm - midnight
PLats: Dogzstar, Kartal Sokak No:3, Kat:3 Galatasaray, ISTANBUL
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Disclosure – exhibition as discourse as disco is a four-hour exhibition unfolding in a nightclub as evening turns into night. Setting out to simultaneously construct and deconstruct an exhibition situation, the site of the nightclub is used as an inverted mirror image of the white cube. The participating artists – Malin Arnell + KOEFF, Carl Palm, Hinrich Sachs, Studio SM and Oni Ayhun + Mar Ritt – contribute with work that address the question of the desire to make public through exhibiting, each using language, objects, movement, graphics or sound to interact with the choreography and politics of the situation.  The dramaturgy of the evening moves from a reflection on the standardization of desire production through globalised formats for cultural expression such as international life-style magazines, nightclubs and contemporary art biennials, to more dissonant acts of exhibitionist disclosure. 
Curator: Lisa Rosendahl

Kontakta Iaspis projektsamordnare Jonatan Habib Engqvist för mer information, jhe@iaspis.se

Uppdaterad: 2011-09-06 Tipsa om sidan

Iaspis stödjer även Alexander Gutke, Runo Lagomarsino och Meriç Algün Ringborg som deltar i den 12e Istanbul Biennalen.



That We Know (1994 - ) manifests itself in this context as a public conversation in which Hinrich Sachs, Eda Čufer and  Monika Szewczyk focus on the editorial format as a cultural product.


Untitled (Just Because Everything Is Different Does Not Mean Anything Has Changed) by Malin Arnell: a performance in collaboration with noise musician KOEFF and invited guests exploring the political and aesthetical transformative potential residing in a togetherness based on shared identifications.


Oni Ayhun in collaboration with Mar Ritt: disturbed dance music combined with drone stories without a beat taking us on a journey through multiple settings and scenes.


(literally) / (1790 mirror) ball  / a mesopelagic (slide show) & black sea water colour by Carl Palm: decorating decor while hazardously foregrounding a plasticity of the unexplainable, a chemically auto-destructive mirror ball and "heated to hover" artificial smoke might have been inserted into the situation.

Graphic design and serial misrepresentations by Studio SM.
At midnight the spell will be broken and the nightclub returned to its original self.
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