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Studio grant in Stockholm


January/February 2017
SOPHIE AUGOT invites the dancer/choreographer Agnieszka Dmochowska from Polen.

December 2016
DANIELLE DE VRIES invites the musician Daniel Pioro from Great Britain.

September/October 2016
GUNILLA HEILBORN invites the sound artist Kim Hiorthöi from Norway.

September 2016
SHINTARO OUE invites the dancer Maki Morishita from Japan.

May 2016
CHARLOTTE ENGELKES invites the sound artist Willi Bopp from Germany.

April 2016
BENNO VOORHAM invites the visual artist Abdalla Omari from Syria/Belgium

March 2016
MARIA NILSSON WALLER  invites the dancers Lucia Kickham, Ireland, Liv O´Donoghue, UK, Neil Brown UK and Mufutau Yussuf from Austria
Studio presentation March 18th, at the Iaspis Open House.

February 2016
DINIS MACHADO (Stockholm) invites the choreographers Elisabeth Finger from Brazil and Javiera Peón-Veiga from Chile.

January 2016
MIRA MUTKA (Stockholm) invites the dancer/choreographer Brandon Gonzales from USA/Germany.

September 2015
MINNA ELIF WENDIN (Gothenburg/Sweden) invites Dragana Alfirević from Slovenia.
Studio presentation Friday Sep 18th, at the Iaspis Open House.

May 2015
LISEN ELLARD (Stockholm) and the dance collective Inu Performance invites choreographer Lea Martini from Germany.

April 2015
CAROLINE BYSTRÖM (Stockholm) invites dancer/choreographer Nina Djékic from Slovenia/Netherlands.

March 2015
LISA JANBELL (Stockholm) invites the dancers Daniel Osmin Milian, Yolanda Peres, Ahmed Rodriguez Rodriguez from Cuba, and Yared Cederlund and Joanna Holewa Chrona from Stockholm.

February 2015
TERESIA BJÖRK (Stockholm) invites the musician Ralf Freudenberger from Germany and dancer/choreographer Eytan Sivak from Stockholm.

January 2015
SHUMPEI NEMOTO (Stockholm) invites the dancers Shota Inoue from Germany, Claudio Constantino and Andrea Vallescar from Spain.

November 2014
MALIN ELGÀN (Stockholm) invites Sarah Beth Percival from USA, and Per Andersson from Stockholm.

October 2014
OSSI NISKALA (Stockholm) invites Hanna Hegenscheid from Berlin and Sanna Blennow from Malmoe, new production with premiere in November at ZEBRADANS.

September 2014
PONTUS PETTERSSON (Stockholm) works with Adriano Wilfreit Jensen from Denmark and Danmark, Sandra Lolax  from Finland/Sweden.

August 2014
CLARA LEE LUNDBERG (Stockholm) invites Mariana Pimentel from Brazil

May-June 2014
LEE BRUMMER (Goethenburg) worked with Dominique Angarano Italy/UK,  Itai Ivtzan, UK, Nadja Sellrup, Stoc

April-May 2014
AMANDA APETREA (Stockholm) invited Mica Sigourney from San Fransisco, USA.

January-February 2014
CHARLOTTA ÖFVERHOLM (Stockholm)  together with Dwight Rhoden from New York, USA, in preparation for a new production.

November-December 2013
JULI REINARTZ works together with Emma Kim Hagdahl, performer, Sweden, Billy Bultheel, performer, Germany/Belgium, Per Sundberg, performer, Sweden, Alice Chauchat, Dramaturg/outside Eye, Germany/France

November 2013
REBECKA STILLMAN invites Seung-Yoon Choi, dancer/koreographer from South Korea.

October-November 2013
SALKA ARDAL ROSENGREN invites Mikko Hyvönen, Finland/Belgium, Stav Yeini Israel/Belgium.

September-October 2013
ARON BLOM invites Veli Lehtovaara, Finland, Élisa Yvelin, France, Mikko Hyvönen, Finland/Belgium, Stav Yeini, Israel/Belgium.

September 2013
MELINA MASTROTANASI and the live art collective MELO (dancers Anders Jacobsson, Sara Soumah, Josef Palm, musician Ola Hjelmberg and architect Louise Hultén) invite the guest artist Moon-Suk Choi från Sydkorea and the Swedish percussionist Lars Normalm.

June 2013
PONTUS LIDBERG in collaboration with the US american dancers Adrian Danchig-Waring and Gabrielle Lamb, Swedish dancer David Lagerkvist.

April-May 2013
CHARLOTTE ENGELKES in collaboration with the three artists from Singapore; singer Celine Rosa Tan, dancer Chan Sze Wei, video artist Brian Gothong Tan, and the German sound designer Willi Bopp. Swedish partners are dancer Lindy Larsson and mezzo soprano Ingrid Tobiasson. Premiere at the Dansens Hus in autumn 2013.

March-April 2013
SHINTARO OUE (JP/SE) in collaboration with the dancers/choreographers Masahiro Yangimoto, Shintaro Hirahara, Naoua Aoki and Tsubasa Hori from Japan.

Oct-Nov 2012
ANNA SILLÉN DE MESQUITA /QUARTO in in collaboration with Leandro Zappala (BR), video artist Palle Lindqvist (GB), composer Philippe Boix-Vives (SE). The piece ACCIDENT is part of the triology BEAUTY with premiere Spring 2013.

Sep-Oct 2012
KENNETH KVARNSTRÖM in collaboration wuith the dancers Cilla Olsen (SE), Kenneth Bruun Carlsson (NO), Janne Marja-aho (FIN), the musicians Ola Hjelmberg and Jonas Nordberg. The piece Come back (to me) had ist premiere at Dansens Hus November 2012.

March 2012
PONTUS PETTERSSON in collaboration with choreographers/dancers Joe Moran (UK), Bosmat Nossan (ISR), Anna Pehrson (SE), Linnea Martinsson (SE) and Robert Malmborg (SE).

June 2012
CHARLOTTA RUTH (SE/AU)  in collaboration with the performer/video artist Clélia Colonna (FR/ AU); the performer, artist and scentist Gleb Rogozinski; the dance artist Marie Wårell-Öhman (SE) as well as European and Swedish experts in the project Junk Freak and Friends Orchestra.

July 2012
ROBIN JONSSON in collaboration with the dancer Ludvig Daae (SE(NO); the dancer Lieve De Pourcq (BE/AU) and the composer/sound designer Peter Lenaerts (BE/AU); the lightning designer Lina Arvidsson (SE) in the project ”Z”.

Feb-March 2012
SHINTARO OUE in collaboration with Masahiro Yanagimoto, Shintaro Hirahara, Satoshi Kudo and Piotr Giro.

October 2011
PHILIPPE BLANCHARD (SE/FR) in collaboration with Tove Sahlin (SE), Dag Andersson (SE) and Anke Philipp (DE).

May-June 2011
LOTTA MELIN (SE) and the artist duo Goldiechiari (IT) 

April 2011
KAJSA SANDSTRÖM (SE) in collaboration with Frédéric Alstadt, sound crafter & artist (FR/BE)

Feb-March 2011
BENNO VOORHAM (SE)  in collaboration with Andrew Harwood (CA) and Paula Zacharias (AR)

Feb-March 2011
SARA MANENTE (IT/BE) together with the dancers Ondine Cloez, Marcos Simoes Martins, Jonas Cheréau, Madeleine Fournier and the dramtaurg Constanze Shellow. The residence was a collaboartion with Workspace Brussels och MDT Sthlm.

Dec 2011
EZSTER SALOMON och CHRISTINE DE SMEDT with the project Transformers.

Nov 2011
BLINK - Artist driven platform works for exchange with the performing arts between Sweden and Berlin.

Oct-Nov 2010
PETTER JACOBSSON och THOMAS CALEY in collaboration with the Berlin based dance dramaturg Katja Kettner.


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