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Who can apply?
All grants and allowances are intended for individual, mainly freelance artists not in permanent employment. Institutions, independent groups and similar organisations, please contact the Swedish Arts Council. To qualify for support you must be a permanent resident of Sweden and/or have your main artistic practice in Sweden. Please note that you are not eligible for our grants and allowances if you are currently receiving an education/master education at, for example, an art college.

How is your application assessed?
Applications are assessed based on the guidelines stipulated by the parliament, the applicant’s artistic practice and quality and need for financial support. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee will, as far as possible, consider gender, age, cultural diversity, geographic diversification and the encouragement of a variety of artistic genres.

Who assesses your application?
Decisions on financial support in the field of dance are made by different agencies of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, depending on the nature of the grant.
All support with an international orientation, such as international cultural exchange, studio residency grants, travel grants, etc., are decided by a delegation of the board of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The applications are prepared by the advisory group of the International Dance Programme.

About the work group and the advisory group
The work group for artists in the field of theatre, dance and film comprises twelve members appointed by the board of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The members are professionals in the fields of theatre, dance or film, including film directors, dancers, filmmakers or producers. The smaller advisory board of the International Dance Programme is composed by the same principle

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