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Assignment and Organisation

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee is commissioned by the government to develop forms of international exchange in the field of dance, with the aim of strengthening artists’ networks and opportunities for creating long-term and sustainable international contacts, and to promote international cultural activities of a high quality, artistic integrity, long-term and mutuality.

The assignment stipulates that the Swedish Arts Grants Committee shall propose suitable forms of international exchange in different areas with Iapsis as a model, according to the Government Communication (Skr. 2005/06:188).

Grants and residencies
The International Dance Programme provides direct travel support for dance artists, as well as work residencies abroad, contributing to intensified contacts with the art form of dance internationally. In addition, we provide studio residencies in our studio at Maria skolgata, Stockholm for international choreographers and projects. The Programme also collaborates with local partners in Malmoe and Gothenburg regarding residencies for international choreographers.

Information on Swedish Dance
Within the visiting programme we invite important persons such as curators, programmers for venues/festivals and journalists within the field of dance, to familiarise themselves with Swedish practitioners’ activities all around Swedem,
Programme activities and collaborative projects
The international exchange will also be intensified by, for example, lectures, seminars and talks. This part of the programme is available for others than dance artists. The programme collaborates with other partners in order to realise projects that increase artists’ international networks and long-term sustainable contacts.

The board of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee makes the decisions on the goals, policy, budget and priorities of the International Dance Programme.
Every year, in conjunction with the budget decision, the director of the Swedish Arts grants Committee processes proposals from the secretariat and the International Dance advisory board about the policy and international projects, seminars, etc. The selected programme is run by the secretariat and the advisory board. The director also takes decisions on the allocation of the Programme’s grants and allowances, after proposals from the International Dance Programme’s advisory board which comprises three members.

The advisory board
The members of the advisory board are professionals within the dance scene, with a vast expertise in the international arena and elected for three years, with the possibility to prolong. The advisory board prepares decisions regarding applications/grants and provides ideas in issues relating to, for example, residencies, seminars and workshops.

Current members in the advisory board:
Örjan Andersson, choreographer, Stockholm (2013-2019)
Anna Karlander, creative producer, Göteborg( 2015-2018)
Cilla Olsen, teacher/dancer, Stockholm (2013-2019)

Former members:
Cecilia Malmström Olsson, dance scholar, Malmö (2012-2015)
Jens Sethzman, set designer/light designer, Stockholm (2010-2013)
Virpi Pahkinen, choreographer/dancer, Stockholm (2009-2012)
Rani Nair, choreographer, Lund (2009-2011)
Danjel Andersson, curator, Stockholm (2009-2010)
Kenneth Kvarnström, choreographer, Stockholm (2009-2011)

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